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Writing Tips: This Week’s Most Popular Writing Articles

Writing Tips: This Week’s Most Popular Writing Articles


I’m serving up this week’s portion of collective genius – articles on writing, self-publishing and marketing books, as decided by the actions of my social media followers. They’re a discerning bunch and have selected some great articles this week. So kick-back and jump into the tasty world of writing…




Twitterverse’s Favourite Articles

These are the most popular writing articles, that garnered the greatest response from my Twitter followers last week, in terms of retweets, favourites and mentions:


1.  20 articles on writing you don’t want to miss… as voted by 6,000 writers http://bit.ly/1oFF3df

2.  Great graphic for bloggers – The Periodic Table of Content Marketing http://bit.ly/1wWwGvj

Great graphic by econsultancy.com

3.  Why Most Writing Tips Are Useless (and How to Really Up Your Game) http://bit.ly/1Eyjf78

4.  The Secret Of How to Make Your Book Un-Put-Down-able | Bestseller Labs @JonathanGunson http://bit.ly/1qFcIPJ

5.  How to Write a Short Book Fast – @ninaamir Write Nonfiction NOW! http://bit.ly/1Erk5Cs

6.  Worldbuilding: Creating Fictional Cultures – Author @authorjsmorin http://bit.ly/1pUzY1C

7.  How to build a fictional world – Kate Messner | TED-Ed http://bit.ly/1wWp1x4

8.  3 Tips to “Show, Don’t Tell” Emotions and Moods via @joebunting http://bit.ly/1wWGPYZ

9.  Richard Adams on Watership Down: ‘Perhaps I made it too dark’ – Telegraph http://bit.ly/1uNjyd3

10.Naming Your Novel via @LauraMizvaria http://bit.ly/1zm7myk


20 new articles on writing you don’t want to miss… as voted by 6,000 writers http://ctt.ec/b1j0C+ – Click to Tweet


Google+’s Favourites Articles

These were the most popular writing articles on Google+ last week (as defined by the activity they generated from my followers):


1.   How to Keep Writing Even When Life Is Tough—3 Tips – Helping Writers Become Authors via K.M. Weiland http://bit.ly/1tQgHwk

2.   How Did Amazon End Up as Literary Enemy No. 1? | Vanity Fair http://vnty.fr/1ste0y7

3.   How to Make a Bestselling Book – The Atlantic http://theatln.tc/10J4LlV

4.   If your peers think something’s great – does that make it great? See what you think… http://bit.ly/1pM3YwB

5.   An absolute treat for anyone who loves sublime descriptive narrative & a strong storyline http://bit.ly/1zkd3MZ

6.   Naming Your Novel  via Laura Mizvaria http://bit.ly/1ohmvjg

7.   No, I don’t want to read your self-published book – The Washington Post http://wapo.st/1wtKbSZ

8.   6 Ways to Write a Quick Free Ebook to Build Your Mailing List by Nina Amir — The Book Designer http://bit.ly/1sT8WSk

9.   How Romeo and Juliet Can Help You Write Your Next Book by Helen Sedwick — The Book Designer http://bit.ly/1rHzZzS

10. Writing Spies: Five Dos and Don’ts | Kristen Lamb’s Blog http://bit.ly/1sSpz0u


Which of the articles are your favourite? Let me know in the comments below.


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