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Writing Tips: This Week’s Most Popular Writing Articles

Writing Tips: This Week’s Most Popular Writing Articles

This is going to be a short, but sweet, post as I have a million things I’m working on at the moment – not least of all trying to organise my chaotic self into some degree of professional order. Yikes, that my friends, is a tall order indeed – I am chaos personified into a polite English woman’s body!

This week has yet again been a bonanza of truly awe-inspiring articles from the writing community and I’ve selected the most popular articles as forwarded, shared, liked and +1’d by my amazing social media followers.

Twitterverse’s Favourite Articles

These are the most popular writing articles, that garnered the greatest response from my Twitter followers last week, in terms of retweets, favourites and mentions:

1.  20 of last week’s greatest articles on #WRITING as defined by your peers –  http://bit.ly/1t187sf  (Embarrassing! This is my article – but I promise I didn’t fiddle the stats).

2.  How many Beta Readers do you need? – @marthamconway Women Writers, Women’s Books http://bit.ly/1v22ePO

3.  Hollywood L.I.T.: Taking Your Story to the Silver Screen – Publishing Perspectives http://bit.ly/1xxUy94

Publishing Perspectives - HLIT

4.  Book Promotion: Networking and Marketing for Introverts – hey it doesn’t have to be painful http://bit.ly/1AjKAdN

5. Don’t Know Your Story’s Theme? Take a Look at Your Character’s Arc http://bit.ly/1uDbABx

6. 63 Blogging Tools That Will Make You Insanely Productive http://t.co/iZhfYSj0NQ

7.  WOW -This 3200-Year-Old Tree Had Never Been Captured in One Photo http://bit.ly/1zM1DlF (not anything to do with writing but a must see for anyone inspired by natures majesty)

8.  Six ways to write your title http://bit.ly/110wTkr

9.  Random House accused of ‘predatory’ contracts for new ebook imprint http://t.co/lyt006ehbY

10. Great advice – 8 Proven Strategies That’ll Accelerate Your Audience’s Trust Immediately http://bit.ly/1xhQvgO via @CopyWarner

Here are four more as my Google+ followers were a little quiet this week:

11. The One Thing About Writing I Wish I’d Known 20 Years Ago http://bit.ly/1xivd2O

12. If you love writing but hate networking or the idea of marketing your work – read on http://bit.ly/11ljIef

13. How to Build a Marketing Plan for Your Nonfiction Book http://bit.ly/11lp5tV

14. If you are doubting your writing  you must read this – On Dying, Mothers, and Fighting for Your Ideas – Copyblogger http://bit.ly/1zywHVJ

20 of last week’s greatest articles on #WRITING as defined by your peers http://ctt.ec/8z2s7+ – CLICK TO TWEET


Google+’s Favourites Articles

These were the most popular writing articles on Google+ last week (as defined by the activity they generated from my followers ):

1.  63 Blogging Tools That Will Make You Insanely Productive http://t.co/iZhfYSj0NQ

2.  Forming Content Ideas That Don’t Suck | DREMdesigns – Article Writing and Content Strategy Services http://bit.ly/1wRX1XR

3.  How to Write a Memorable Beginning and Ending http://bit.ly/1EyadoH

4.  Get Your Novel Noticed with a Power-Packed Title – K.M. Weiland http://bit.ly/1EFljKH

5.  Six ways to write your title http://bit.ly/110wRZV

6. Great advice – 8 Proven Strategies That’ll Accelerate Your Audience’s Trust Immediately http://bit.ly/1xhQucQ via Andrew M.  Warner



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