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20 Most Popular Writing, Self-Publishing and Book Promotion Articles Week 19

Writing Tips: Top 20 Articles on Writing, Self-Publishing and Book Promotion (Week 19)

What a diverse range of writing tips this week. We have articles on how to get the most out of a writing conference, how to build reader loyalty, a new app that shows writers their writing process, how to keep your WIP organised and 100 sources of free images – just a few of the articles that made it into the top 20 articles this week.

More than writers

I think this range of subjects shows the incredibly diverse roles that writers need to fulfil in this day and age.

Just sitting behind a keyboard and writing doesn’t do it any more – we are writers, marketeers, designers, promoters, speakers, loyalty experts, formatters  and so much more.

With such a wide range of responsibilities we need all the advice we can get and luckily we are in a very giving industry where everyone tries to help each other.

How do the articles make it into the top 20?

Every week I go through the internet to find articles to help both myself,  and my followers, and I share the best of the bunch with my social media crew.

So this list has been filtered twice to identify the truly useful information – once by myself and then by the responses of my  social media followers. The higher the article on the list the greater the response from my followers in terms of clicks, retweets, favourites and 1+’s etc.

So you can be certain that the articles are gold nuggets well worth mining.

20 Most Popular Writing, Self-Publishing and Book Promotion Articles Week 19

As always, grab a drink and maybe some popcorn, and enjoy the amazing articles our writing brethren have shared this week.

Writing Tips: 20 Best Articles of the Week

1.    20 Articles on Writing, Self-Publishing & Book Promotion http://bit.ly/1F3V8iD

2.    Going to a writing conference? Here are some mingling tips you need to know: http://t.co/I7Am8TE4tr

3.    5 Secrets to Achieving Reader Loyalty http://bit.ly/1FKSsVf via @eBooksIndiaMag

4.    The Declaration Every Great Writer Makes http://bit.ly/1Btir2o

5.    Novel Rocket: Don’t Wait for the Mood to Strike to Write! http://bit.ly/1BbH0SM

6.    What is Attraction Marketing? http://bit.ly/1MocVms via @JOstrovska

7.    The No Bullshit Guide to Speed Reading: 1 Technique That Actually Works | High Existence http://bit.ly/1Go5HLy

8.    3 Surefire Ways to Generate Book Ideas via @JodyHedlund http://bit.ly/1AdPYec

9.    Awe-inspiring book charts you’ll want to hang on the wall http://bit.ly/1F7ICOU

10. 100 Sensational Free Photo Libraries. The Ultimate Swipe File  – spice up your next blog post with amazing images http://bit.ly/1HxrG3H


TwitterWeekly round-up of the best out there on #writing, self-publishing & book promo http://ctt.ec/596vS+ CLICK TO TWEET


11. Draftback New App that shows writers their entire process: Instant Replay For Writers http://bit.ly/1MccKJd

12. 4 Crucial Tips for the Aspiring Professional Writer http://bit.ly/1F7uXYm

13. One list to rule them all, one list to find them – how to keep your WIP organised  Ninie Hammon http://bit.ly/1KTgIeo

14. Want a Date with an Agent? Let Writing.ie Set You Up!  http://bit.ly/1BfjKlp

15. Can images trigger your imagination & cure writer’s block? http://bit.ly/1Lg1vUQ

16. Our Traditional Mistake http://bit.ly/1C6oQnz  via @thedavidwwright of @sterling_stone

17. Whose Story Is It? Self-Editing for Point of View  http://bit.ly/1KydxIY

18. Why aren’t I getting requests?  http://bit.ly/185GpGH via @AshKrafton

19. The Venn Diagram Stage of  | How To Write Shop http://bit.ly/1BbcPLu

20. What 65,000 Words In One Month Feels Like: My Life So Far As A Full-time Freelancer http://bit.ly/1waTnOG


Well that’s it for now. If you enjoyed these check out last week’s equally great articles – click here. 

Remember if you’d like to submit any articles for inclusion in my social media feed let me know below, in the comments, and who knows maybe my 8K followers will select your article as one of the week’s top 20.


  1. Gary Webb says:

    I’m not even a fiction author, but I do appreciate the wealth in writing information you’ve accumulated here. It will take me a while to digest, but I’m sure I’ll pick up some tips to make my own books (you know those inferior nonfiction types) better. Thanks for sharing.

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