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Writing Tips: This Week’s Most Popular Writing Articles

Writing Tips: This Week’s Most Popular Writing Articles

It’s been a bit of a quiet week on my social media feed – mostly because I was busy in Dubai and forgot to send out my normal number of tweets and messages so I’ve combined the Twitter and Google results into one this week. So kick back and enjoy this weeks best advice on writing, self-publishing and marketing  from the writing community.


Twitterverse’s and Google+’s  Favourite Articles

These are the most popular writing articles, that generated the greatest response from my Twitter and Google+ followers last week, in terms of retweets, favourites and mentions:

1.   5 Writing Hacks Every Writer Must Know — Cobbling Words — Medium http://bit.ly/1HHHHp0

2.   Don’t Let This Sloppy Technique Kill the Tension in Your Story’s Climax http://bit.ly/126Lk6U

3.   Friday Roundup: Resources for Indie Authors – Social Media Just for Writers http://bit.ly/126SeKk

Gift Ideas For Writers and Authors

4.   Christmas gift ideas for writers and authors http://bit.ly/1Csn3Ju

5.   Best 2015 Planners for Bloggers and Creatives http://bit.ly/1HFrFMm

6.   Giving back: how you can help your community, fellow writers, and beyond http://bit.ly/15uoCYV

7.   Use Hangouts On Air to Grow Your Author Platform http://bit.ly/1A1vDKb

8.   NaNoWriMo Tip #19: Keep The Reader’s Perspective in Mind – GalleyCat http://bit.ly/12fo7Q5

9.   Great ideas “Combine Pinterest & Email Marketing to Increase Sales” http://bit.ly/1xrbz0S

10.   Have your say – the DBW Writer’s Survey http://bit.ly/1tf8qzI

 20 articles on writing that you can’t afford to miss – check them out http://ctt.ec/Iuz3h+ Click to Tweet

11. Finally Here! New Workbooks Make Outlining and Structuring Your Novel Easy, Intuitive, and Fun http://bit.ly/1FkftPd

12. Writing Great Headlines – 6 Routes To Success @Ileane http://bit.ly/1FmgRkq

13. Warren Buffett’s Best Kept Secret to Success: The Art of Reading, Remembering, and Retaining More Books: http://bit.ly/1yaLINs

14. How to Keep Writing Even When Life Is Tough—3 Tips http://bit.ly/1FpFNat

15. Giving back via technology http://bit.ly/1HJBusJ

16. 6+1 ways to stop research becoming procrastination – Write On via @chasharris http://bit.ly/1y8BNum

17. Character Skills and Talents: Organization – WRITERS HELPING WRITERS http://bit.ly/1y8C3JO

18. Writer Unboxed » Adding More White Space To Your Life http://bit.ly/15KvCkl

19. Digital Audiobook Lending Is Finding Its Groove http://bit.ly/12fnwhc

20. Trends, Tie-ins and Writing From Your Heart. Possible? Carrie Turansky http://bit.ly/1uiOj2J


Check out last week’s top 20 articles here.



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