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Writing Tips - Top 10 Pins on Writing

Writing Tips: 10 Most Pinned Articles on Writing from my Pinterest Feed

What makes people pin articles on Pinterest? Normally it’s because the content is fantastic or the picture is a “bobby dazzler” as we say in England. But what makes one article wildly popular and others, of equal quality, overlooked? I wish I knew (I’d be worth a pretty penny or two) but in all honesty it’s a mystery to me, and yet it’s a great gauge of the popularity of the content.

For the last year I’ve been squirreling away high quality content on writing and publishing, and storing my little nuggets of gold in Pinterest. I’d wondered which of all these gems were most popular, as identified by repins, but until recently there were few ways to find out. Then those lovely bods at Pinterest launched their Analytics a program that delves into statistics of Pins. So now I know which of the pins my followers like best and can share them with you.


Writing Tips : Top 10 pins on Writing

Writing Tips: 10 Most Pinned Articles on Writing from my Pinterest Feed

The following ten articles cover a wide range writing tips on writing, publishing and book promotion. To see my Pinterest boards click here. 

  1. Short Stories: 10 Tips For Creative Writers
  2. 7 Questions To Make Sure Your Plot Has Believable Consequences
  3. 10 Tips On Writing Characters With Accents
  4. 3 Fun Ways To Unlock Your Imagination
  5. Is It Worth Writings? How To Critique Your Ideas
  6. The Best And Hardest Part Of Being A Writer Is “The Undoing”
  7. Pinterest Growth: The Best Kept Secret For Growing Your Pinterest Following And Gaining Repins
  8. How To Write A Novel In 100 Days Or Less
  9. Researching Your Novel 
  10. Self-Publishing Stumbling Blocks (And 27 Ways To Get You Back On Your Feet)

Articles on Writing and Self-Publishing: My Personal Recommendations

I’ve found a few articles that I would personally like to recommend as they offer exceptional advice on marketing your book.

If you’d like to know more about Pinterest I recommend the following books:

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Well that’s it for now – I hope you find these writing tips as useful as I have. Let me know your favourites in the comments section below.

Happy writing…..



    • Hi Michael – I loved your article it’s so useful to see the mechanics of a launch campaign shared so openly. For budding authors, such as I, this is invaluable and insightful so I feel I should thank you.

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