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Writing, Marketing & Self Publishing: Get Ahead Now – it’s Easy

This week I attended my niece’s wedding, it was a glorious and happy event. That’s as it should be, I know, but most weddings here, in Egypt, are elaborate events to please the mothers and have little to do with the happiness and love of the couple.

The difference I think was down to something small, yet significant, the wedding party was divided into two halves – the groom’s side and the bride’s side with a dance floor in the middle. It made me think about people’s behaviour – the guests were happy and comfortable as they knew everyone on their side and they could just let their hair down, relax and catch up with friends and loved ones.

Writing, Marketing & Self Publishing: Get Ahead Now - it's Easy

Social Media Growth Must be Organic

Humans are naturally pack animals and we feel more comfortable with our own pack than trying to integrate with another. That’s so true of social media too. We naturally form collectives of like-minded individuals who share the same interests, views and dreams because it’s comfortable, it strokes our egos and we can learn from, and inspire each other. That’s why I firmly believe in organic social media growth rather than purchasing huge listings of followers who don’t belong in your pack, will never interact and aren’t interested. Slow, steady but true organic growth is the answer because “like follows like” and it’s so much better to have 1,000 happy and engaged followers than 10,000 bored, inactive ones.

Avoid the temptation

I get inundated with Twitter spam offering thousands of followers for just a few dollars as, I’m sure, do you. Don’t be tempted – cultivate your own followers and enjoy your true pack rather than having to wade through thousands of bored followers to find the true, engaged members.


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20 Most Popular Writing Marketing and Self Publishing Articles  – Week 23

This week has been rather quiet on the social media side – mostly because of the holidays and my own somewhat lack lustre attention due to family obligations. Still we’ve some doozies….  so as always sit back, grab a beverage of your choice and enjoy the 20 most popular articles as voted by the actions of my lovely, engaged, social media followers:

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2.    6 Things You Need To Edit Your Book http://bit.ly/1D7wpYC

3.    How To Let Your Readers Do Your Publicity For You http://bit.ly/1BWUmhI via @Yeomanis

4.    Writing 150k Words in a Month  http://bit.ly/1J0KTf0 via @growwithstacy

5.    1 Fabulous Tip for Giving Your Writing More Punch http://bit.ly/1HfFBNI

6.    Do You Make the Same Writing Mistakes as My Students? http://bit.ly/1ID0zrj

7.    Power Up Your Writing: Just Write http://bit.ly/1ICsmoy

8.    New Trends in Book Marketing: Mobile, Millennials and More http://bit.ly/1GYcaQ8

9.    Authors! Let me format your print books! (Plus proofreading!) http://bit.ly/1D16Ppy via @TherinKnite

10.  Marketing Isn’t Difficult: Learn How to Improve your Writing & Marketing – 20 great articles http://bit.ly/1FxgcNt

20 Writing Tips: Improve your writing and book selling skills -Twitter20 great articles on writing marketing & self publishing – with amazing advice from the industry’s leading voices. http://ctt.ec/oe1cd+ CLICK TO TWEET

11. What Does It Mean When Someone Favorites Your Tweet? Here Are 25 Possible Answers: http://wapo.st/1ICpJTt

12. 11 hidden libraries – Telegraph http://bit.ly/1Caqkaa

13. How to use CreateSpace & Ingram Spark together for best print book distribution @hollowlandsbook http://t.co/0w84D2UWY9

14. Going back in time? Tips for using flashbacks in your story http://t.co/p7A6e5CvPq

15. Celebrating Book Marketing Masters – GeoRiot Blog On Global Affiliate Linking http://bit.ly/1xXKrNQ

16. The Million-Dollar Play To Make The Internet More Meaningful http://bit.ly/1NNkIsV

17. These 20 short stories written in just 2 lines with dramatic climaxes will leave you amazed http://bit.ly/1z5XjML


18. 8 Personal Branding Hacks to Increase Your Online Visibility: http://tnw.co/1OmX4pr

19. Top Ten Sentence Slip-Ups By K.M. Weiland http://bit.ly/1CRPAFV via @BTShowcase

20. How to Market Your Books with Video  http://bit.ly/1GCFPOl


Here’s some gorgeous artwork that I recently saw –  it made me feel jolly so I wanted to share it with you. The artist sells them on Etsy although she seems to sell out quickly so if you’re interested you might need to act fast:

Artist Paints Ocean Stones With Thousands Of Tiny Dots To Create Colorful Mandalas http://t.co/dmRTddiguz http://t.co/pK8ZN5AwNJ

If you liked these articles on writing, marketing and self publishing please check out last week’s offering here 

Well that’s all for this week so bye for now…..



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