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Write. Publish. Repeat. A must read for all Indie Authors

Why are you reading this blog? Go read ‘Write. Publish. Repeat.’ – a must read for all Indie Authors

Sometimes you stumble on something akin to the Holy Grail by sheer accident. Something so big, so powerful that it forever changes the way you think and act. I have to believe that the universe only puts things in front of you when you are ready for them,  I just wish I’d been ready earlier for Write. Publish. Repeat.



Write. Publish. Repeat. A must read for all Indie Authors

Write. Publish. Repeat. – why you must read it.

These last few days have been the Eid holidays here in Egypt and I have been away with my husband’s family, at the Red Sea, in our beach house. Now, theoretically, I am hosting this get away, yet I spent my whole time with my nose deeply buried in my kindle. I was so engrossed I’m sure they thought I was reading some hot romance or deeply enthralling thriller – the shock on my husbands face when I told him it wasn’t a novel, but rather a guide to building an Indie Publishing career – priceless.

A book on writing that is as enthralling as a steamy romance – a must read. http://ctt.ec/DA6ZT+ Click to Tweet

If you only read one book – read this one. It’s a total game changer and it’s a great read. The tone of voice is so fresh and conversational that you find yourself chuckling at some of the throw away lines. Written by Johnny B Truant and Sean Platt, two parts of the trio behind the Self-Publishing Podcast and prolific writers in their own right, – it’s truly a breath of fresh air – no grandiose promises of immediate success or wealth accumulation – instead a logical step-by-step approach to building a long term, and hopefully profitable, writing career as an Indie Author.

For the first time ever, I used the kindle note function so I could come back to bits of the book later. Their concept is written, loudly and clearly, in the title of the book – Write. Publish. Repeat. They strongly advocate building your book portfolio and using it as a product funnel that guides your reader from one book to another, thus keeping them reading your books and maximising your revenue opportunities per reader. It’s the basis of all marketing concepts – it’s cheaper to keep an existing customer, and sell more books to them, than to attract new customers. I use the word “customer” consciously here, as you really need to think like a savvy business person rather than a creative author (hopefully you have a mildly schizophrenic personality and can embrace both personas).

If you are a purist, or wear the crown of an  “artist”, then possible this is not the book for you but if you’re realistic enough to know that an Indie Author has many roles then you’ll get so much from it.

Don’t buy this book if you consider yourself an artist! If you want to succeed as an Indie – Read It. http://ctt.ec/04Tgf+ Click to Tweet

I spent a delicious couple of hours this morning lazing in bed listening to The self-publishing podcast ( I have a lot of catching up to do) and I look forward to many more hours of absorbing myself in the slightly zany world of Sean, Johnny and Dave – it will ultimately be time well spent.

I wrote about some other great writing “guru’s” recently here  and here – their blogs and podcasts are also well worth visiting.

Write. Publish. Repeat. A must read for all Indie Authors 2I hope you are all rushing to get this amazing book Write. Publish. Repeat. – it might just set you up with a career you love – you can find it here.

I’m in the middle of writing a monster post on ‘Marketing for Introverts’ (due out next week) so it’s a relief to write this short review. For updates on my posts, and some behind the scenes snip-its, please sign up for my newsletter.

I’d love to know your favourite books on writing – drop me a line in the comments section below. Check out some other’s of mine here.

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  1. Santel says:

    Hi Hazel,

    My dream house is the one that located near the beach too. I love the quiet environment, I think it will help writers to generate ideas to write.

    For now, my family 4 people including me, we share the same bedroom and same bed. Nothing much I can do for writing right now, but I still try my best to get 500 words per day for my upcoming book.

    Thank for the recommendation, I listen to Self-Publishing Podcast as well, Will add the book to my wish list.
    Santel recently posted…eBook Formatting Software For Online PublishingMy Profile

    • Santel

      Thanks for the comments – you live in one of my favourite places. I loved everything about Cambodia, and Phnom Penh has got to be the most amazing capital city I’ve ever been to. I stayed for about 4 days in the city and then took a boat up the Mekong and later visited Angkor Wat complex. I think it’s a place that would inspire any writer. I wish you every luck with your book – happy writing.

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    but the more I was astonished. The writer did a
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