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This Week’s 20 Most Popular Articles On Writing (Week 16)

This Week’s 20 Most Popular Articles On Writing (Week 16)

These weeks are flying by at supersonic levels. I’ve had a great week making major inroads into my book, thanks to a new office set up and routine I’ve established. It’s transformed my entire writing experience for the better – I’m faster, happier and feel much healthier. For an age, my hands and wrists had been hurting, so I took the plunge and bought an ergonomic keyboard and restructured my desk and chair layout. Bingo! Aching hands are a thing of the past. I’ll be posting an article how to improve your writing productivity and health on  Wednesday, so come back and check it out – I’m sure it can help many writers.



Top 20 Articles on Writing

This week has seen a great batch of articles that stretch across writing, self-publishing, book marketing and promotion, blogging and social media. A wealth of knowledge shared by our incredibly generous writing community. So, as always, kick back and enjoy this week’s great selection. Oh, by the way, don’t forget to send me any articles that you’d like offered to the 7K+ social media followers who determine which articles appear on this listing.

This Week’s 20 Most Popular Articles On Writing (Week 16)


1.   Conversational Writing: 10 Tips by Leo Babauta http://bit.ly/19L8CUv

2.   Content Curation  by Judith Gaines http://bit.ly/19SSbFy

3.   The Emotionally Engaging Character: The Key to Telling a Compelling Story http://bit.ly/1AdmWib

4.   Choosing a Writing Retreat? Watch Out for These 6 Red Flags http://bit.ly/1A7yvaA

5.   20 great articles on writing, self-pub & book promo http://bit.ly/17SHLFp

6.   Lots of great info on creating/marketing multi-author bundles + dealing w/ the finances: http://t.co/WqKwZPTZle

7.   5 Ways to Improve Your Writing Style via @RogerDColby http://bit.ly/1zXCDdg

8.   How to Choose a Main Character That Will Rock Your Readers’ World (+ a secret e-kit coupon!) http://bit.ly/1CTtEaw

9.   Community Book Exchange in UK Phone Booth Shut Down by Telecom http://bit.ly/1AUx7ui

10. Everything You Need to Publish a Novel  http://bit.ly/1AYvtpT


TwitterCheck out these great articles on writing, self-pub & book promotion http://ctt.ec/f89gn+ CLICK TO TWEET


11. 5 Amazingly Simple Ways to Transform Quiet Scenes into Exciting Scenes http://bit.ly/1Fb7KBZ

12. Self Publishing Questions Answered via @seanplatt   http://bit.ly/1E7Cohu

13. Advice for Bloggers: How to Pitch and Land Brand Partnerships http://bit.ly/1zBsAG5

14. Ten Reasons Why You Should be Blogging: Tip #43 of 52 Ways to Market Your Book http://bit.ly/1E7DTMI

15. Tips from a Literary Agency: How to Query Better http://bit.ly/17W5gNQ

16. Fiction Writers: How to Find Your Ideal Reader by Cathy Yardley — The Book Designer http://bit.ly/1uR888y

17. Blogger’s Guide to Marketing Software – 6 killer marketing tools to grow your base and income http://bit.ly/1yLHZU8

18. Advice from a Million-Dollar Copywriter and Bestselling Author http://bit.ly/1EThJLX

19. The Prepared Writer’s Process for Creating Excellent Content Every Day http://bit.ly/1FsBjCE

20. Marketing tools for any self-published book http://bit.ly/1EPHNrr


That’s it for this week – I hope you found the articles as useful as I did. Remember to send me any articles you’d like me to submit to my followers for consideration for next week’s listing – it’s a doddle just send me a link in the comments below.

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