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Top 10 Articles On Writing

Top 10: This week’s best articles on writing

I’ve got a treat for you today – 10 of the week’s best articles on writing, publishing, designing and promoting books, as defined by the sharing habits of my fabulous Twitter and Google+ followers.

Now I like to think of you with your feet up, beverage of choice in your hands (hope you don’t mind but it’s Champagne in my imaginings) enjoying the true pearls we’ve uncovered – but that’s just my fantasy. However you read the articles – enjoy.

My Twitter followers’ favourite articles this week

I love, love, love Twitter – it’s my idea of a perfect social media. Short, sharp, sweet and to the point – heaven. I am very active on Twitter so come over and have a chat some time (why do I feel this sentence should end with ‘Big Fella’?). Visit me on Twitter

  1. I’d never thought of books as product line until I read this –  transformed my views: http://bit.ly/1xD21l9
  2. How To Write Your First Book – how 21 successful authors did it: http://bzfd.it/1qOCwaV
  3. How Music Affects the Writing Process  via Helping Writers Become Authors:  http://bit.ly/1sshG5i
  4. 50 Book Awards Open to Self-publishers via Self-Publishing Advice by Nicholas C. Rossis: http://sco.lt/70DSJF
  5. When Science Meets Book Reading by Nicholas C. Rossis: http://bit.ly/1C2xoXa

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My Google+ followers’ favourite articles on writing

I’m still getting to grips with Google+, I’m really only placing content and responding if anyone comments but I’d love to do more (if anyone has any advice I’d love to hear from you – drop me a note in the comments below).

A big shout out to the folks in my circle – thanks for following me.

The articles below were the five most popular articles this week in order of social activity.

  1. 13 Publication Opportunities for Emerging Writers via Aerogramme Writers’ Studio: http://bit.ly/YCbZXs
  2. How to Dramatize Real Life in Your Writing: http://bit.ly/1ptE1LZ 
  3. Does British Humor Translate Across the Pond? via Publishing Perspectives: http://bit.ly/1ptiao3
  4. 25 Truths Learned While Writing a First Novel: http://bit.ly/YSzE6t
  5. 4 Invaluable Tips for Indie Authors byJeriWB: http://bit.ly/Zt0sv7 

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Well that’s me for now…I know I promised the article on Networking for Introverted Writers and it’s on its way. Along with a lovely series of posts on Halloween books. Hope to see you soon. Bye for now.

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