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Top 10: This week’s best articles on writing

Top 10 Articles On Writing

I’ve got a treat for you today – 10 of the week’s best articles on writing, publishing, designing and promoting books, as defined by the sharing habits of my fabulous Twitter and Google+ followers. Now I like to think of you with your feet up, beverage of choice in your hands (hope you don’t mind but …

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Why are you reading this blog? Go read ‘Write. Publish. Repeat.’ – a must read for all Indie Authors

Write. Publish. Repeat. A must read for all Indie Authors

Sometimes you stumble on something akin to the Holy Grail by sheer accident. Something so big, so powerful that it forever changes the way you think and act. I have to believe that the universe only puts things in front of you when you are ready for them,  I just wish I’d been ready earlier …

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6 Inspirational Writing Websites

Inspirational Writing Web Sites

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” ― William Arthur Ward I’ve been on a long journey over the last year trying to teach myself everything I could about the craft of writing and the industry of publishing. Along the road I’ve stumbled across loads of mediocre sites, some …

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5 Must-See Sites for Self-Publishing Authors

5 great writing websites

Sites for self-publishing authors: I’ve done my fair share of trolling around the internet looking for advice from seasoned self-publishing professionals and there are some great sites but these are the 5 that I keep returning to when I encounter an issue I don’t understand or for gentle inspiration.   I whole heartily recommend them and hope they …

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