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Quick Tip: Self-Publishing Podcast Crew’s Training Course Now on Sale

Write, Publish, Repeat Training Course

OK – at risk of sounding like a Self-Publishing Podcast junkie (which I am) I’ve just stumbled upon their training programme which supplements and advances the principles they covered in  Write, Publish, Repeat. As some of you may remember, I waxed lyrically about the virtues of this book in a previous article here (if you haven’t already got …

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Why are you reading this blog? Go read ‘Write. Publish. Repeat.’ – a must read for all Indie Authors

Write. Publish. Repeat. A must read for all Indie Authors

Sometimes you stumble on something akin to the Holy Grail by sheer accident. Something so big, so powerful that it forever changes the way you think and act. I have to believe that the universe only puts things in front of you when you are ready for them,  I just wish I’d been ready earlier …

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