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20 Articles on Writing Marketing and Self-Publishing - Week 37 -Novel Experience

Simple writing tips with huge results

It’s been a  glorious week here in Devon. The UK really is breathtaking on a sunny day and I had the chance to enjoy it in its full glory and undertake some editing from a sun bed with a nicely chilled glass of white wine –  heavenly. This is a photo I took….



This week sees some great articles from how to make your marketing as creative as your writing to how to deal with depression as a writer.  Add a splash of social media advice and a dash of writing advice and you have all the ingredients to add a little zest to your writing, self-publishing and book marketing. Dip your toe into this week’s top 20 articles as decided by my social media buddies.

Check them out and see what you think….

20 Articles on Writing Marketing and Self-Publishing Banner- Week 37-Novel Experience

20 Most Popular Writing, Self Publishing  And Marketing Articles  – Week 37

1. Keep Your Book Marketing as Creative as Your Writing – http://bit.ly/1RrTn6R

2. So You Want to Be a Writer – Author J.S. Morin – http://bit.ly/1MiICPF

3. 6 Ways To Think Like a Publicist & Sell More Books! – Author Marketing Experts, Inc. – http://bit.ly/1MoBhMq

4. The New Changes to Kindle Unlimited – Author Marketing Experts, Inc. http://bit.ly/1K2tzHx

5. Writing motivations via Novel Experience –  http://bit.ly/1JinWSP

Louis L'Amour Quotation  - Novel Experience

6. The 5 Absolute Dimensions of Character Personality – Writingeekery – http://bit.ly/1GfS9zI

7. Why Broken Sleep Is a Golden Time for Creativity – http://bit.ly/1HXCg8l

8. Writing a Blog Post Series – http://bit.ly/1HobW1M

9. 26 Creative Ways to Publish Social Media Updates – http://bit.ly/1HZRCtb

10. The Ultimate Content Marketing Checklist: 40 Questions to Ask Yourself before Publishing Your Next Blog Post  – http://bit.ly/1DbUrjg

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11. The Beginner’s Guide to Slideshare: 10 Actionable Tips for Maximum Results:  – http://bit.ly/1LbDLio

12. Tips for Dealing with Depression as a Writer – http://bit.ly/1ITHFMA

13. The Books that Affect Us the Most, According to Facebook – http://bit.ly/1Hq6oGf

14. 10 Types of Visual Social Media Posts That Get Shared Like Crazy – http://bit.ly/1HXC74W

15. Understand the Human Condition Better Through Writing Fiction – http://bit.ly/1I07uvD via @eBooksIndiaMag

16. What You Do Right Before Bed Determines How Productive and Focused You’ll Be Tomorrow – http://bit.ly/1O3MSkA

17. 5 Data-Backed Twitter Tips You Should Know – http://bit.ly/1I0sPDj via @hubspot

18. Here’s What Book You Should Read Next, Based on Your Favorite Classics  – http://bit.ly/1MpzwP3

19.  Sell More Books on Amazon! Tip #1: Pitching via Email -Author Marketing Experts, Inc.  – http://bit.ly/1HyBtV4

20. Self-Editing for Continuity – Author J.S. Morin  – http://bit.ly/1CyUUB9


Well that’s this week’s writing advice on the world of writing – if you enjoyed this compilation, collated by Novel Experience, you’ll enjoy last week’s too – check it out here or check out the whole back catalogue here.

If you’d like me to submit one of your articles, or if you’ve read a great article and would like to share it with my other readers, drop me a line  at info@novelexperience.info and, as long as it’s relevant, I’ll send it out and who knows maybe you’ll be included in next week’s top 20. Or, alternatively,  you could  just share it in the comments below.

Bye for now…

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