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Self-Publishing Inspiration - How one family turned desperation into success

Self-Publishing Inspiration: How One Family Turned Desperation Into Success

I just stumble upon this great interview with Jack and Jasinda Wilder, a husband and wife team who used self-publishing to financially rescue their family (they  were just 30 days from losing their home) and found great success hitting the Amazon number one spot with their novel Falling Into You. I want to share their story with you as it’s an inspiration for any indie author or wannabe self-publisher  – full of little gems of advice from which we can all learn. It’s a real zero to hero story – it’s well worth a watch.



Self-Publishing Inspiration

The interview was done by Kelsye Nelson  (http://kelsye.com / @Kelsye) co-founder of Writer.ly



The main takeaways from this interview are:

  Failure is a necessary part of the research and learning process – no one wins straight away so persevere

Build a strong writing community around you for advice and support

Research the self-publishing industry as much as you can. I loved how they read the top 100 books on Amazon and analysed their genre, style and who were the support team (editor, designer) on each book – just a great idea

Approach self-publishing as a business

There is no secret formula to success just hard work and a willingness to try new approaches and change things up when they don’t work

Write, and then write more and then buckle down and write a shed load more

Don’t look back –  keep your attention facing forwards to the next book


If you are interested in their books check out them out here.


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