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Self-Publishing Genius - Packaged in 20 Awesome Articles

Self-Publishing Genius – Packaged in 20 Awesome Articles

With Indierecon being broadcast live this week and oodles of information to digest from the London Book Week,  it’s been a media intensive week for me. So I’ll spare you my long rambling intro and instead welcome you to dive into the best self-publishing genius, writing wonders and marketing miracles of the week – or, at very least, a bunch of great articles from many of our writing friends.

I’m a little embarrassed (well I’m a Brit – it’s a national affliction) that the first two articles are my own.  I wrangled with the idea of disregarding them but they did, legitimately, get the most social media activity this week so I thought I should include them.

So as always sit back, grab a beverage of your choice and read the best of this week’s articles. Enjoy…..

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20 Most Popular Writing Marketing and Self Publishing Articles  – Week 24

1.    Imprison your muse with these 5 simple ways to beat writer’s block http://bit.ly/1G8uUuz

2.    Writing, Marketing & Self Pub: 20 best articles this wk. No.1 via @AngelaAckerman http://bit.ly/1FCux8S

3.    Six Simple Ways To Handle Viewpoint Changes http://bit.ly/1CFECjx

4.    Writers: Want to Beat the Competition? 10 Tips for Opening Your Novel http://bit.ly/1aBovwm via @SolMage

5.    14 Brilliant Pieces of Literature You Can Read in the Time it Takes to Eat Lunch: http://bit.ly/1NCVCSX

6.    Authors call for better communication with publishers | The Bookseller http://bit.ly/1CLaRxF

7.    Neil deGrasse Tyson Selects the Eight Books Every Intelligent Person on the Planet Should Read http://bit.ly/1H3AmQF

8.    “Am I Too Old To Write A Best-Seller?” http://bit.ly/1OsBwYm via @Yeomanis

9.    Word Counts – How long should your novel be? http://bit.ly/1D7w1JM

10. Writing Faster: Breaking the 10,000-Word-Day Barrier &Composing a Rough Draft in 2 Wks | Lindsay Buroker http://bit.ly/1aBHUxt

20 Writing Tips: Improve your writing and book selling skills -Twitter20 articles on writing, self-publishing & marketing you can’t afford to miss – check them out http://ctt.ec/9n7a2+ CLICK TO TWEET

11. Pen Name Update: 10 Weeks In (Earnings: $12,824) | Lindsay Buroker http://bit.ly/1NSxI65

12. Showing Emotion: Moving Beyond The Face http://bit.ly/1aBkN5Z via @AngelaAckerman

13. Blogger’s Guide to Marketing Software – 6 killer marketing tools http://bit.ly/1JT9H8Z

14. KDP Select & Kindle Unlimited: Why Ebooks Not Enrolled Are at a Disadvantage | Lindsay Buroker http://bit.ly/1FYIEI6

15. 10 Reasons We Switched to Asana For Our Project Mngmt Needs – @sterling_stone http://bit.ly/1E6QGRT

16. Your Book Cover Has Been Sentenced. http://bit.ly/1HxVWNI via @PublishingPush

17. The best and the worst ways to use back story by Ninie Hammon http://bit.ly/1OvyJO8

18. Hilary Mantel interview: ‘My problem is never ideas. My problem is time’ http://bit.ly/1IEwvvD

19. How Creative Geniuses Come Up With Great Ideas. http://bit.ly/1D7xI9U

20. Writer’s Toolkit: PodCasts  – get some writing juju with these amazing info packed podcasts http://bit.ly/1EdZANv


Well that’s the articles for the week – if you found them useful check out last week’s here.

Bye for now..

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