Resources for Writers

I’ve stumbled across some excellent resources for writers as I’ve fumbled my way through my research. I’ve gathered the best here and will continue to add more as I come across them. I use all resources as part of my everyday writing, blogging and social media activity so I can confidently recommend them.  


Writing Blogs

The best of the blogs on writing, publishing and marketing books

Pinterest – For an overview of what’s out there visit my pinterest boards where I’ve collated all the industry articles and tools – click here



The Creative PennJoanna Penn is an established self publishing author and runs a great website packed full of advice for wanna-be authors full of the knowledge she’s learnt on her self publishing journey. It’s deservedly won many awards and should be your first stop-off-pointclick here




GalleyCat – This is a great source of industry information as stated on their site – they are “the first word on the book publishing industry” and a great source of feeds for twitter – click here





Word Play – helping writers become authors – I’m a huge fan of K.M. Weiland – her books are great and her website a treat. If you want to learn more about writing then a stop off at her site is a must. Don’t take my word for it – click here  






Tools for Writers

Great tools to help writers write, publish and market their books:



Scrivener* – Specialised Writing Software: Scrivener is a powerful content-generation tool for writers that allows you to concentrate on composing and structuring long and difficult documents. While it gives you complete control of the formatting, its focus is on helping you get to the end of that awkward first draft.  It’s the only software I use for writing and is utterly brilliant in my opinion – click here





Learn Scrivener Fast* – How you can get Scrivener to do exactly what you want and accelerate your writing career in less than 1 week. A great training course on Scrivener for anyone who wants to accelerate their understanding of Scrivener quickly –  for more click here




HemingwayAppFinalHemingway App – The Hemingway app uses an algorithm to flag problems in your prose. Overly long sentences show up yellow. Adverbs appear in blue.  Green indicates the passive voice. Finally, red means that you’re probably trying to imitate Faulkner or Joyce. Great app that I try to use on all my posts. For more click here




 Book Design

Great information on book design and some of the industries best designers


The Book Designer – Joel Friedlander has a long career in publishing and book/graphic design and uses that extensive experience to advise would be authors on how to best self publish, design, layout and market their books. His site is packed to the gunwales with useful articles and information that’s bound to inspire you – click here



Cover Designers – here are a range of great designers and options for your book cover design – I have designed my own cover so I haven’t used any of these designers but they are the ones with the best recommendations across the indusrty. For more info click here 



Damon Za  – click here 





CreativIndieFinalCreativeIndie Covers – click here 







In the interest of totally transparency: I am an affiliate of some of the items  (which basically means if you purchase or use any product after seeing it on  my site they will pay me a small percentage of the sale), which I then use to cover the costs of my blog. The way I work is that if I use a product (and love it) I will then check see if it has any affiliate scheme. I depend on my reputation so would never recommend something I didn’t think was totally awesome. I highlight the affiliate by  putting a  star (*) next to it.