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A Collaborative Marketing Concept For Authors



I saw a great marketing concept today that inspired me to leap out of bed (in my defence I was reading my kindle and it is the weekend) and rush to my computer to draft this short article.


6 self-publishing paranormal authors have combined their marketing klout in a unique way to promote their books to their respective readers in the run up to Halloween. In their Amazon book descriptions each have added the following:

Do you believe in ghosts? I bet we can make you say “boo!”
Grab these other five highly-rated ghost stories for FREE October 24-25:

TROUBLE IN MUDBUG by NY Times bestselling author Jana DeLeon

KEEP ME GHOSTED by Karen Cantwell

1816 CANDLES by Amanda Brice

THE MEDIUM by C.J. Archer

THE DEEPEST CUT by J.A. Templeton

Paranormal collaborative marketing concept

This is a perfect example of author communities combining to support each other in a mutually beneficial way and I think it’s great. It immediately encourages readers who enjoy paranormal books to try new authors and, as most of the books offered are the first in a serial, will engage the reader to continue on and read the entire series and explore other items in the author’s back catalogue.

So as an author, for the price of providing a free book for 2 days they gain access to the readers and social media followers of 5 other authors in their field. Now that’s smart marketing.

Authors Collaborate for Marketing Success

Tips to Take-Away:

  • Create a community – find a group of authors in your genre whose sales rankings are similar to your own (I know – you’d rather target the best selling authors however it’s unlikely that they’d participate as there’s less in it for them) and approach them to undertake some collaborative promotions.
  • The more the merrier – when you are targeting the same readers with the same tastes as another author working collaboratively enables you to reach a wider readership and expose your books to new readers. Whilst the work load is still the same (or maybe marginally less) the benefits are amplified by the number of members within your collaboration.
  • Everyone likes a bargain – to make the most of the promotion consider producing a compilation of the rest of your series available for less than the sum of the combined price. This may tempt those new readers to buy the whole series straight off – money banked – interest in your bank! Ker-ching….
  • Broadcast widely – make certain that you promote the offer via all your social media, web and blog channels so that your existing readers can benefit from your free offer and to attract them to read your collaborators novels. This has two-fold benefit – you’re fulfilling your obligation to your partners and your existing readers deserve to get benefits for their loyalty (a load of free books they wouldn’t have got if they didn’t follow you). Everyone is happy in your world.
  • Don’t ask – don’t get – ouch this one’s a toughy. If you are a massive introvert (like me) then you’d rather give birth to a baby elephant than approach someone you don’t know however it’s a necessary evil. After all what’s the worst they can say? If they say no then at least you’ve been kind enough to offer them an opportunity and it just might not fit into their schedule at that point and if they say yes – then blow a fanfare because you have just doubled your reach. Not bad for a simple email.

Anyway – my congratulations to these innovative authors. If you’d like to see their book click the links below:



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