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20 Articles on Writing Marketing and Self-Publishing - Week 40 - Novel Experience

Expand your writing horizons with these great tips

Wow this is my 40th post in this series – time goes so quickly. That means as of today I’ve shared 800 articles on writing, self-publishing and marketing of books and novels. I’ve learnt so much from the kindness of the authors sharing their experiences and knowledge with us and hope you’ve expanded your writing horizons as well.

Improve your writing horizons with this week’s articles

This week’s selection of articles will open your eyes to so many elements of the writing business – from tips to improve your prose to how to improve your marketing  – so check out the favourite articles of the week as chosen by more than 8,000 of your writing peers.


20 Articles on Writing Marketing and Self-Publishing Quote - Week 40 - Novel Experience

20 Most Popular Writing, Self Publishing  And Marketing Articles  – Week 40

1. 9 Practical Tricks for Writing Your First Novel – http://bit.ly/1eQaRaZ

2. Check out these 20 powerful articles to help improve your writing – http://bit.ly/1IHxlXF

3. The Lure of Romance Writing (and Earnings) for the Literary Set | Jane Friedman – http://bit.ly/1Ihhi1h

4. Writability: Platform Building for Beginners: Where to Start? – @Ava_Jae –  http://bit.ly/1g5pOab

5. 5 Steps to Outline a Novel – http://bit.ly/1eQDVis

6. Worldbuilding in Star Wars – Author J.S. Morin – http://bit.ly/1hhuTwV

7. Sell More Books on Amazon! Power Up the Keywords for Your Book – Author Mkting Experts  – http://bit.ly/1eQaiOm

8. Author, Jody Hedlund: 4 Steps for Organizing Plot Ideas Into a Novel – http://bit.ly/1JK0jam

9. The Myth of The Lazy Writer – http://bit.ly/1Dq6dfq

10. Writer’s Toolkit: PodCasts for Writers – http://bit.ly/1MCseea


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Expand your writing horizons with these great tips from 20 writing articles


11. Can Technology Replicate Word-of-Mouth Book Marketing? – Publishing Perspectives – http://bit.ly/1Dn8HLQ

12. From the Archives: “4 Myths About Self-Publishing Today” – http://bit.ly/1eQ8uVG

13. Instapage Review: An Inside Look At How To Create A Landing Page Fast – http://bit.ly/1Ud423g  via @adamjayc

14. Inadequacy and Inhibition: Writing About Avoidant Personality Disorder – http://bit.ly/1LVjPkn  via @Writerology

15. The Secret Dreamworld of an Aspiring Author – The Evolution of a Novel Idea – http://bit.ly/1P3Av96

16. 7 reasons why you should stop worrying about your niche selection – http://bit.ly/1SHVJPq

17. Balancing Dialogue and Description in Your Story | Jane Friedman – http://bit.ly/1DnQ6iS

18. 5 Reasons You Can’t Build Your Platform On Someone Else’s Land -@DIYAUTHOR –  http://bit.ly/1eQEPvp

19. Ten Things “Lord of the Rings” Teaches About Writing (Part 2) – http://bit.ly/1IDQbKR

20. The Lure of the New Manuscript: Overcoming Shiny New Idea Syndrome Plus a Giveaway – http://bit.ly/1SHO3g5

20 Articles on Writing Marketing and Self-Publishing Quote - Week 40 -Novel Experience

Well that’s this week’s writing advice on the world of writing – if you enjoyed this compilation, collated by Novel Experience, you’ll enjoy last week’s too – check it out here or check out the whole back catalogue here.

If you’d like me to submit one of your articles, or if you’ve read a great article and would like to share it with my other readers, drop me a line  at info@novelexperience.info and, as long as it’s relevant, I’ll send it out and who knows maybe you’ll be included in next week’s top 20. Or, alternatively,  you could  just share it in the comments below.

Bye for now…

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