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Articles on how to publish a book from both the self-publishing (Indie) route or the more traditional publishing via Publishers.

Simple Tips and Advice on Writing and Self-Publishing

Simple Tips and Advice on Writing and Self-Publishing - Novel Experience

I never quite know what to do when one of my own articles hits this list – it must be my Englishness coming out, embarrassed by success and wanting to downplay it. So I’m feeling all-sorts-of-uncomfortable with the number one  position  but then again it’s good to know I’m providing useful information, or in the …

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20 Stunning Articles On The Art And Business Of Writing

Top 20 Articles on the Business of Writing, Self-Publishing and Marketing - Week 30 - Novel Experience

This week we have a fine collection of articles on the art and business of writing, self-publishing and marketing. We have some great ideas for marketing your book and achieving higher sales figures and for those of you looking for a few writing techniques tips, well, we have those as well. So as always sit …

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20 Amazing Articles on Writing You Don’t Want to Miss

20 Articles on Writing, Self-Publishing and Marketing Books - Novel Experience

  I’ve been procrastinating a lot again recently so I had to go back and re-read my own article on writing productivity and guess what – my own advice worked! So I’m back to attacking the keyboards with vigour – much as the rest of the writing community has been judging by this week’s bunch of …

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20 Motivational Articles on Self Publishing, Writing and Marketing

How I wish I had a time control app and I don’t mean a productivity app but rather one that could slow down time and allow me to achieve more. I can’t believe another week has flown by but sure enough it’s Monday again already which can only mean it’s time to share this week’s top 20 …

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20 inspirational & informative articles on writing & self-publishing

Top 20 Article on Writing, Self-Publishing and Marketing -Week 27 - Novel Experience

Another week has passed and thankfully the writing community has been busy writing their hearts out to supply a huge number of deeply inspirational & informative articles on writing,  self-publishing and marketing books. This week I have a great selection for you… from self-editing your manuscript to setting up a pre-order on Amazon for the self-publisher. …

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20 of the Best Articles on Writing – Real Eye Openers

20 of the Best Articles on Writing - Novel Experience

It always astounds me just how much information there is to help writers and how much we need to know to succeed in this field. That’s one of the main reasons I compile this top 20 listing, of the best articles on writing, self-publishing and book promotion, every week. I trawl through the internet on …

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Learn from the best – writing, self publishing and marketing

It’s been a crazy week on social media which is great because it means I can bring you more articles on writing, self publishing and book marketing. This week’s collection includes a fabulous article by Jody Hedlund on “How to become a successful author”, an exploration of how one author earned $450k from Amazon, and the opening …

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Exercise your mind & banish the cobwebs – training for writers

Training Courses for Writers

What are you up to this weekend? Lazing around the house? Mowing the grass? Spring cleaning? Why not stretch your brain a little instead with a great, career enhancing,  training course. Good idea right? Read on…. Boy have I got a treat for you  – as a reader of  Novel Experience  you have access to …

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Self-Publishing Genius – Packaged in 20 Awesome Articles

Self-Publishing Genius - Packaged in 20 Awesome Articles

With Indierecon being broadcast live this week and oodles of information to digest from the London Book Week,  it’s been a media intensive week for me. So I’ll spare you my long rambling intro and instead welcome you to dive into the best self-publishing genius, writing wonders and marketing miracles of the week – or, …

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