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Gifts for bookworms, writers and authors when a book voucher just won’t do.

Ultimate Gift Guide For Writer Dads

Ultimate gift guide for writer dads - Novel Experience

Every Father’s Day or Christmas or birthday I struggle with what to get the men in my life – they can only have so many socks and ties right?  Anyway who wants to buy lame gifts that will stay in the drawer unworn until they are eventually re-gifted or thrown out to make room for …

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19 Gifts for Readers & Bookworms

Gifts For Readers & Bookworms

It’s never easy finding the perfect gift and none of us want to waste our hard earned cash on presents people hate – right? So why not go to the source – if you have a reader or bookworm that you need to buy for then there is no- one better to advise you than …

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Gifts for Bloggers

Gifts For Bloggers

Having difficulty finding the perfect gift for the blogger in your life? No problem,  I’ve done the heavy lifting for you and found some amazing Christmas presents that any blogger will love. Check out these gifts for bloggers and add a little sparkle to your blogger’s Christmas morning.       Killer Software I know this …

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Gifts For Writers and Authors

Gifts for Writers and Authors

How does Christmas seem to come around so quickly these days? I feel like I’ve just put the baubles away and here it is again, a-knocking at the door, in all its festive frivolity. I’m in Dubai at the moment – the sun is blazing, people are sun-bathing and Santa is everywhere…. yep that scene …

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72 Books for Halloween – The Ultimate Guide to Halloween Thrills

72 Books for Halloween- The Ultimate Guide To Halloween Reads

This week we’ve shared 72 books that celebrate all the facets of Halloween, from sheer terror to paranormal romance, from thrilling intrigue to magical mischief. I hope I’ve helped you discover some new books and rediscover some beloved oldies. I’ve done loads of reading across this category, whilst compiling the guides, and I’ve  enjoyed every second …

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