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20 of the Best Articles on Writing – Real Eye Openers

20 of the Best Articles on Writing - Novel Experience

It always astounds me just how much information there is to help writers and how much we need to know to succeed in this field. That’s one of the main reasons I compile this top 20 listing, of the best articles on writing, self-publishing and book promotion, every week. I trawl through the internet on …

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20 Writing Tips: This Week’s Most Popular Articles On Writing (Week 12)

20 Writing Tips This Week’s Most Popular Articles On Writing (Week 12)

I’ve been a little bit housebound this week. News on the grapevine was that there would be demonstrations on the streets of Cairo and so I stockpiled food and stayed home – better safe than sorry right? This enforced office time really helped with my writing – shocker, sitting at the computer working really does …

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19 Gifts for Readers & Bookworms

Gifts For Readers & Bookworms

It’s never easy finding the perfect gift and none of us want to waste our hard earned cash on presents people hate – right? So why not go to the source – if you have a reader or bookworm that you need to buy for then there is no- one better to advise you than …

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Writing Tips: This Week’s Most Popular Writing Articles


I’m constantly fascinated by the dynamics of what makes content go viral. Why are some articles so popular and others, well, less so. It’s really interesting to understand – standard advice says it’s the headlines, or the imagery, or the writer’s on-line presence but when you distil that down into 140 characters on Twitter the playing …

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72 Books for Halloween – The Ultimate Guide to Halloween Thrills

72 Books for Halloween- The Ultimate Guide To Halloween Reads

This week we’ve shared 72 books that celebrate all the facets of Halloween, from sheer terror to paranormal romance, from thrilling intrigue to magical mischief. I hope I’ve helped you discover some new books and rediscover some beloved oldies. I’ve done loads of reading across this category, whilst compiling the guides, and I’ve  enjoyed every second …

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