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From the front cover to the page layout – good design helps to sell you book. These articles will help you find the best designers or guide you through the process of self-design.

Ultimate Gift Guide For Writer Dads

Ultimate gift guide for writer dads - Novel Experience

Every Father’s Day or Christmas or birthday I struggle with what to get the men in my life – they can only have so many socks and ties right?  Anyway who wants to buy lame gifts that will stay in the drawer unworn until they are eventually re-gifted or thrown out to make room for …

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20 of the Best Articles on Writing – Real Eye Openers

20 of the Best Articles on Writing - Novel Experience

It always astounds me just how much information there is to help writers and how much we need to know to succeed in this field. That’s one of the main reasons I compile this top 20 listing, of the best articles on writing, self-publishing and book promotion, every week. I trawl through the internet on …

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Learn from the best – writing, self publishing and marketing

It’s been a crazy week on social media which is great because it means I can bring you more articles on writing, self publishing and book marketing. This week’s collection includes a fabulous article by Jody Hedlund on “How to become a successful author”, an exploration of how one author earned $450k from Amazon, and the opening …

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Exercise your mind & banish the cobwebs – training for writers

Training Courses for Writers

What are you up to this weekend? Lazing around the house? Mowing the grass? Spring cleaning? Why not stretch your brain a little instead with a great, career enhancing,  training course. Good idea right? Read on…. Boy have I got a treat for you  – as a reader of  Novel Experience  you have access to …

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Writing, Marketing & Self Publishing: Get Ahead Now – it’s Easy

Writing, Marketing & Self Publishing: Get Ahead Now - it's Easy - Main feature image

This week I attended my niece’s wedding, it was a glorious and happy event. That’s as it should be, I know, but most weddings here, in Egypt, are elaborate events to please the mothers and have little to do with the happiness and love of the couple. The difference I think was down to something …

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Marketing Isn’t Difficult: Learn How to Improve your Writing & Marketing

Marketing Isn't Difficult: Learn how to improve your writing & marketing - Title Image

Authors are always searching for the magic key that unlocks the mystery of marketing. Everyone dreams of becoming the next Dan Brown or James Patterson.  I’m a marketer who’s honing my skills as an author but most authors aren’t so lucky, so it’s no surprise that this week’s top two articles are about marketing and marketing …

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20 writing tips: Improve your writing and book selling skills (Wk21)

20 Writing Tips Improve your writing and book selling skills (Wk21)

This week we have a great article on book formatting, another on the pros and cons of self-publishing versus traditional publishing and some great insights into various ways to improve your book selling skills, amongst many other fabulous articles. Freedom to Write I honestly feel as if I should be writing a post entitled ‘101 Places to Write’ …

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20 Writing Tips: How to improve your writing and marketing (Wk20)

20 Writing Tips: How to improve your writing and marketing (Week 20)

Today’s post is the 20th of these top 20 listings – which means that I’ve shared  400 articles with you that demonstrate the skills, experience and artistry of our fellow writers and most importantly, I think, their generosity in sharing their wisdom and knowledge with their compatriots. Writers rock! That’s what I love about this unique industry, we …

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20 Most Popular Articles on Writing, Self-Publishing and Book Promotion (Week 18)

20 Most Popular Articles on Writing, Self-publishing and book promotion (Week 18)

At last spring has come to Egypt. I’m now typing happily, without chattering teeth and frozen fingertips. I know it sounds odd to think of Egypt, an African country,  as cold but trust me, in houses built to stay cool with no heating systems and plenty of marble and ceramic flooring,  you feel as if you …

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This Week’s 20 Most Popular Articles On Writing, Self-Publishing and Book Promotion (Week 17)

This Week’s 20 Most Popular Articles On Writing, Self-Publishing and Book Promotion (Week 17)

I always struggle with deciding what topic to cover in this preamble – there are only so many ways you can say “here is this week’s top 20 articles on writing”. I guess I could use the same intro every time but that would be boring for both of us. So in this week’s preamble …

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