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Book Review - The Evermen Saga

Book Review: The Evermen Saga


I have a bone to pick with Mr James Maxwell – he is a thief.  Strong words I know but he entered my home, via my kindle, and stole many nights’ sleep with his word mastery and world creation finesse. Those are nights of sleep that I can never reclaim, and they are nights of sleep that I never want to reclaim,  as now, three weeks later, I still can’t get the saga and the world out of my mind.

I rarely review books as I don’t want to write negative things about people’s hard work so when I do it’s because I genuinely love and have become somewhat obsessed with the books. The Evermen saga most definitely falls into that category.

The author, James Maxwell, has created a truly epic fantasy saga that fully immerses you into the world, so that you don’t question that trees can become animated warriors and a cloak can defend you better than armour. I don’t often read fantasy as my logic gets in the way and I question the world but I can honestly say never once did that happen with these 4 books. In fact I was so absorbed that I read them back to back and believe me these are  heavy tomes.

The book follows the struggle of two humble orphans as they are propelled into leading (and saving) their world. There is a wide cast of supporting characters each of whom are so well-rounded that you feel emotionally invested in their struggle to save their planet from the godlike Evermen.

Be warned if you decide to read this, you WILL lose sleep and want to take days off work,  and  just like those famous potato snacks, once you start you can’t stop so you might consider getting the whole saga. It’s as addictive to a book reader as crack cocaine is to a drug addict.

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The Enchantress – Book 1 of the Evermen Saga

This opens with the two main protagonists, brother and sister (Ella and Miro)  just entering adult-hood under the protection of an old wizen guardian. Living in a shack in the woods the brother and sister both have high ambition with little means to achieve it, except hope and determination.

The book blurb says:

From the day Ella witnesses an enchanter using his talents to save her brother’s life, she knows what she wants to be. But the elite Academy of Enchanters expects tuition fees and knowledge. Determined, Ella sells flowers and studies every book she can. Meanwhile her brother, Miro, dreams of becoming one of the world’s finest swordsmen, wielding his nation’s powerful enchanted weapons in defence of his homeland.

A dark force rises in the east, conquering all in its path, and Miro leaves for the front. When the void Miro left is filled by Killian, a charming stranger from another land, Ella finds herself in love. But Killian has a secret, and Ella’s actions will determine the fate of her brother, her homeland, and the world.

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The Hidden Relic – Book 2 of the Evermen Saga


Book Review - The Evermen - Hidden Relic


With the fate of their homeland still in jeopardy, siblings Ella and Miro must face the Primate’s evil as he discovers a new technique: a way to extract essence from human blood.

The Primate has been temporarily defeated, but his home was once inhabited by the Evermen, and their ancient secrets still remain there. As the mysterious Evrin sets out to destroy everything he can, the Primate stumbles upon an ancient book that tells of a hidden relic with unfathomable power—and he will stop at nothing to find it.

Realizing the solution to defeating the Primate and saving the Empire is tied to the hidden relic, Ella, Miro, Killian, and the desert prince Ilathor must race to reach the relic before the Primate…or suffer disastrous consequences.

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The Path of the Storm – Book 3 of the Evermen Saga

Book Review - The Evermen - Path of the Storm


Two years have passed since the war, yet without essence the Empire’s economy has collapsed. Trade is at a standstill, famine sets in, and, with no food and no essence, the people begin to riot.

In the midst of the growing unrest, Miro struggles to balance his life with Amber against his resolve to keep threats to the Empire at bay. His sister, Ella, helps to build the machinery the Empire desperately needs, but she longs to find Killian and believes his powers will be needed in the conflict to come.

News of a wedding brings a much-needed ray of hope to the weary people. But as citizens and leaders gather from afar for the festivities, an evil threat shatters the fragile peace: one of the Evermen has returned. And he will not rest until he has completely destroyed the humans he despises.

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The Lore of the Evermen – Book 4 of the Evermen Saga

Book Review - The Evermen - Lore of the Evermen


The Lord of the Night is coming. The future of civilization is at stake.

Miro is in the Imperial capital to prepare the Empire for the onslaught. He knows his homeland lies directly in the enemy’s path but struggles to form the alliances he needs.

As the high lords bicker, Ella seeks Killian’s help. But, amid the growing tensions, their responsibilities drive them apart, as Killian can’t be seen to favour Ella’s homeland.

Against a backdrop of old hurts, guilty secrets, and shaky new allegiances, people of all nations and abilities must learn to trust one another again, and form a united front against a powerful enemy intent on destroying them once and for all.

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Well that’s it for now. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the books if you’ve read them. What do you think of them? Let me know in the comments below.

Bye for now.

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  1. JenB says:

    I just finished this series, read all four book back to back too 🙂 They are on KindleUnlimited with both the audio and kindle file, and I both read and listened. Narrator was good. It was a little overwhelming to start, with ALL the names/locations, houses and lore. While there was a map included, I think I would have liked a glossary or reference area just to double check things 😉

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