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Blog Tips: 3 ways to drive more blog traffic to your site

Blog tips: Has your traffic dried up? 3 ways to create a stampede to your site…

As bloggers we all have quiet times but what can you do to minimise these and create a steady flow of traffic? I’m presuming you have covered the basics (if not – then best to start there):

 Written great content tuned to the needs of your audience

Promoted the content on your social media channels

 SEO optimised the content to ensure you get the search traffic you deserve

Have great visuals to encourage social sharing – to increase your Pinterest shares check out this post 

Shared the post with your email lists

Have you done all these things? Great,  then let’s try some different things that I’ve found really helpful in boosting  and sustaining  my traffic.


Blog Tips: 3 ways to drive more blog traffic to your site



Drive More Traffic to your Blog - Viralcontentbuzz

1. ViralContentBuzz

I am quite confident that I get more blog traffic from this single promotional tool than any other. If you haven’t used it yet scoot over there now and join up.

Now, as with everything, it’s not a ‘something for nothing’ solution – but here the currency isn’t money but rather social shares. You share people’s content on your social networks and they share your content with their’s – the more social shares you get directly converts into more blog traffic – its super simple to use and just takes about 10-15 minutes a day to earn credits to keep the promotion running

You earn Viralcontentbuzz credits by sharing other people’s posts on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or Stumbleupon (each network has its own credit value). Once you’ve earned credits you pay 30 of them to get your own article on the VCB home screen and you pay for each share from your credit balance. It’s really as simple as that.

Key benefits:

  • New Audience: You get your blog in front of an entirely new, interested  audience
  • Klout Rating: You improve your social Klout by including your Twitter handle in the tweet that people share
  • Blog Authority: If you look at the end of any of my blog posts you will see a large number of social shares which adds to your authority as a blogger – it validates your blog posts in the eye’s of your readers.
  • TRAFFIC: Lots of it.

Check out ViralContentBuzz 

Drive More Traffic to your Blog - StumbleUpon

2. Stumbleupon

Stumbleupon is my largest source of traffic – it took some time to propagate but now it’s a sustained and reliable traffic source. ViralContentBuzz helps to contribute towards the number of stumbles I get but I also regularly stumble my own and other people’s content. There are a number of similar sites that I’m exploring including:

Everytime I post a blog article I submit it to these sites as well. I also include the Stumbleupon share button in my  list of share options in Shareaholic (the sharing drive I use) to encourage my users to stumble it.

Visit Stumbleupon.


Drive More Traffic to your Blog - Viralcontentbuzz Slideshare and Hubpages

3. Recycle Content – Slideshare & Hubpages etc

I use the content I’ve already created for my blog  to drive traffic from other sites, by recycling the content (in a succinct form) and publishing it as a slide presentation or a new article on Hubpages, with links that drive viewers back to my original blog post. This winning tactic extends the lifecycle of the post from just a few days to months, even years. OK you’ve got me – it is a little labour heavy for sure but it helps that the content is already written and (hopefully) well-considered so you just  need to edit it from your original post into these new formats.

After a while you even beginning to gain followers on these hubs as well who then organically tend to follow you on your other platforms. Now this is a longer term strategy and I don’t always do it for every post but when I do have the time it certainly boosts my post impressions.

Drive More Traffic to your Blog - Novel Experience's Slideshare
My Slideshare presentations based on posts from this blog


Visit Slideshare and Hubpages

Create a stampede to your blog – 3 simple tips http://ctt.ec/b8F55+ via @novelexperienc3 CLICK TO TWEET

So, if you find your blog viewership a little lack lustre, try one, or all of these things, and you’ll soon find readers flocking to your site.

What tips do you have for getting more visits – please share your tips in the comments below. So over to you folks…..

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Bye  for now.



  1. After reading this, I decided to try Viral Content Buzz. I haven’t even started promoting my own stuff yet, just sharing. And OH, what an amazing difference it has made. My FB reach has gone up, my Klout has gone up, and my Pinterest stats are going through the roof. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And YES, I just shared this page (through VCB, of course) to a blogging group board, to my Twitter list, and I’ve Stumbled it. 😀 Thank you so much for sharing.
    Just Plain Marie recently posted…You Comment and I FollowMy Profile

    • That’s fabulous. I’m so glad – it’s a great service and I’ve really benefited from it. It has a sister site that I’ve signed up for but haven’t yet had time to explore called MyBlogGuest – might be worth trying that out as well. I’ve also just tested Reddit thoroughly and that’s also a great traffic generate (looks a little odd at first but if you get past the basic formatting – it’s great). Good luck and I hope your traffic continues to soar.

    • You’re welcome Mark.

      I’ve even started planning my posts in Powerpoint so that I can have a rough draft ready to perfect later for Slideshare – I actually get quite a lot of traffic that way. Definitely part of the 20% not the 80%, but worth while when you have a spare moment.

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