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20 Most Popular Articles on Writing, Self-publishing and book promotion (Week 18)

20 Most Popular Articles on Writing, Self-Publishing and Book Promotion (Week 18)

At last spring has come to Egypt. I’m now typing happily, without chattering teeth and frozen fingertips. I know it sounds odd to think of Egypt, an African country,  as cold but trust me, in houses built to stay cool with no heating systems and plenty of marble and ceramic flooring,  you feel as if you are living in an icy mausoleum during the winter. It is always warmer outside than inside the house and try sitting in 10 degrees for any period of time and you’ll know it’s cold.

In England, which let’s face it is much colder, I never have to sit in my house in a coat and wrapped in a duvet to watch TV. I never have to do star jumps in my office,  just to get the circulation going so I can continue typing on my computer.  So Egyptians (and myself)  welcome spring with a big smile  and enjoy the month or two of blissful weather we get,  until we all start complaining that it’s too hot. Yep, just as Egyptians and Brits are united by their sarcastic and slapstick humour,  so we are united by our endless complaining about the weather conditions – I guess that’s why I’ve always felt at home here.

I’ve been reading some fascinating articles this week on writing, self-publishing and book promotion. Just when I think the subjects may have been exhausted, something new comes up, or our creative writing brothers and sisters think of a new approach to working in this fascinating industry. So without further ado, go and grab a coffee (or any beverage of your choice – I’m no coffee Nazi) and settle down to enjoy this week’s most popular articles. Enjoy…

The 20 most popular articles on writing, self-publishing and book promotion week 18

20 Articles on Writing, Self-Publishing and Book Promotion

1.   A Book Marketing Truth Few Experts Will Admit http://bit.ly/1Dnldod via @AngelaAckerman

2.   The Top 10 Things All Authors Should Know About Amazon http://huff.to/17DGPDU

3.   A Weird Way to Beat Writer’s Block  http://bit.ly/17DDaWL

4.  Part 1 – The Top 30 Websites for Authors to Learn About Self-Publishing http://bit.ly/17GLjcX via @JimKukral

4.   The best advice from the best writers – 20 great articles on writing self-publishing  & book promo http://bit.ly/1zSsawi

5.   Oh my – you must read this if you love fantasy it’s epic http://bit.ly/17QHsu7 – The Evermen Saga by @james_maxwell

6.   8 Eye-Catching Author Websites http://bit.ly/1KxYfE6

7.   How To Become A Prolific Writer While Holding Down A Day Job http://bit.ly/1Aib4a6

8.   10 Things That Make a Book Un-Put-Downable  via @johnnybtruant http://bit.ly/1MYPEsG

9.   The Power Of A Kindle Daily Deal  http://bit.ly/1DZJjcn

10. Jack Daniels & Associates Kindle Worlds http://bit.ly/1Ai2nwC


Twitter Check out these great articles on writing, self-publishing and book promo http://ctt.ec/S8Oc3+ CLICK TO TWEET


11. Fab article – “Your Brand Needs a Visual Style Guide: Here’s How to Create One – Design School”  http://bit.ly/1AmChbK

12. Infographic: your novel’s central conflict | Now Novel http://bit.ly/1w4Hfib

13. What Inspires You To Write? http://bit.ly/18QZbTn

14. What makes a successful reading: what one author learned while preparing for his http://bit.ly/1Fb9fAv

15. 50 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Author Platform http://bit.ly/1K1jaPD via @JimKukral

16. The Ups and Downs of Indie Life http://bit.ly/1BrnyBZ via @SueColetta1

17.  Tools for Novel Writers: Multiple Editing Passes http://bit.ly/1AhFuJq

18. Could music be the answer to writing faster?  http://bit.ly/1K3KGMp

19. 5 Surprising Insights About Writing for Money in 2015  http://bit.ly/1E4ErnU

20. Writer Beware: Seven “Danger Zones” Of A Literary Agent Contract from Writer’s Relief http://bit.ly/1K1iUQG via @pat_preston


Well that’s it for now. If you enjoyed these check out last week’s equally great articles – click here. 

Remember if you’d like to submit any articles for inclusion in my social media feed let me know below, in the comments, and who knows maybe my 7K+ followers will select your article as one of the week’s top 20.


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