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Alive and Kicking!

I can’t tell you how happy I am to be adding to the Novel Experience blog after a considerable absence. I’ve been focusing on finishing my novel and building my author platform, along with battling poor health. Something had to give and unfortunately, that was Novel Experience – but I’m back! Today I’m going to give you a House of Scarabs update to show what’s kept me so busy.

So what’s been going on?


Simple answer – loads.

House of Scarabs Update: After five years of sporadic writing I’ve buckled down and finished it. I found a wonderful editor and have just received her comments so I’m about to work on her suggestions. My aim is to launch it when the prequel is ready to go as a reader magnet for my email list. I plan to enroll House of Scarabs into Kindle Unlimited as it’s my first full-length novel.


House of Scarabs – Genesis: The prequel to House of Scarabs. I’m halfway through writing this 25,000 word Novella as soon as I do it’s off to Coral my editor for her sprinkle of magic. Genesis will be my primary reader magnet (free to people who sign up to my mailing list) and it will also be available for sale on Amazon for those not wanting to join an email list.

Website: My author website is up and running along with a members section for my email community. Secretly I’m rather proud of this section as I wanted to create something unique that only my community can enjoy. I’ve created a vault with a password which I email to each member as they join. They can unlock the vault and look at the secret dossiers gathered by the assassins guild on each of the three main characters of my book. I plan to develop this further as time goes by but for now, I’m pleased with it. To see my website visit www.hazellonguet.com

House of Scarabs Community Members Extras
A peek into the vault
The three dossiers
Information within the dossiers
Information within the dossiers


Email Listings: I have created my welcome email chain and a range of landing pages so I can track the sources of my list.


Advertising: Although I’ve worked in Marketing my entire career, and been responsible for millions of pounds of advertising, I’ve never done it online. To rectify that glaring gap in my knowledge base I’ve taken the Self-Publishing Formula’s advertising course to get the fundamentals. If you haven’t yet considered the course it’s well worth doing. I’ve created a suite of Ads for both House of Scarabs and Genesis.

House of Scarabs and Genesis Facebook Ads


Facebook page: I’ve set up an author Facebook page and been building my content before growing the following – I didn’t want to invite people to an empty arena. Now I’m ready to attract page followers. Very early days. Click here to see my page


Pinterest: I already had quite a large Pinterest following but I’ve refocused my efforts onto boards that can generate interest for House of Scarabs and Genesis including; inspiration boards, boards on books about Egypt (where my books are set), pins on Egypt as a country, etc. I’m always surprised how much traffic Pinterest drives to my websites. Click here to see my inspirations boards


Marketing and Launch Strategy: As my husband pointed out, as a Marketing Consultant, I’d done a poor job (I believe his version of that sentence was expletive heavy) of mapping out my own strategy. Point taken, and believe me that’s never easy for a wife to say, and rectified. I’m now a proud owner of a strategy and clear launch plan.


I’ve moved house from Bath to Devon. It’s a rambling old Victorian pile and needed copious, and I do mean copious, amounts of restoration. I could publish my own directory of builders, plumbers, decorators and plasterers in the area. We’re on a summer hiatus from the building work and enjoying a house without the sound of banging or drilling. My health is so much better I’m now able to work nearly every day on my author aspirations, which has helped tremendously.

So, whilst my primary focus is my fiction work, I will be more active on this site again. Watch this space….

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