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Hi – I’m Hazel Longuet I started this blog as an incentive to ensure I complete the novel that I’m writing – nothing more embarrassing than public failure! On a more serious note – this is an exciting time in publishing. The old publishing giants are facing a market in revolt – now anyone who can type, can publish their work and retain a far larger percentage of the book revenue. That gives writers greater opportunities than they’ve ever had but also far more to consider than just polished prose. As a Marketing Consultant, with more than 20 years experience,  I find the entire process fascinating and I hope to share everything I learn about the pros and cons of self publishing along with marketing tips for anyone else out there who, like me, hopes they have a Novel in them.

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You can also follow me at my author website – www.hazellonguet.com or follow Novel Experience on Twitter, Google+, Tumblr or Youtube.      


I’m a great believer in total transparency and would never dream of being anything but so with you:  From time to time I discuss a product or service that I’m so impressed with that I sign up to become an affiliate.  What that means is that should you purchase those items I will be paid a small commission for referring you. This doesn’t add to the cost for you at all – the supplier just shares some of their profit with me.  I never choose the products to cover based upon my affiliations, more often than not I choose an item I love and then see if it has an affiliate programme, if it does I join, if not then I cover the product anyway. This is how I fund my blog – (hosting, images, and all the myriad of products I use to keep this blog alive).  I depend on my reputation so would never recommend something I didn’t think was totally awesome.

How do you identify an affiliate link?

I highlight all my affiliate links  with a *  – if you see any link with the star next to it on this blog it’s an affiliate link – if you choose to visit the site via that link great and thank you,  but if you’d rather not then simply do a Google search for the company. Either way I hope the information I provide is always valuable.