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72 Books for Halloween- The Ultimate Guide To Halloween Reads

72 Books for Halloween – The Ultimate Guide to Halloween Thrills

This week we’ve shared 72 books that celebrate all the facets of Halloween, from sheer terror to paranormal romance, from thrilling intrigue to magical mischief. I hope I’ve helped you discover some new books and rediscover some beloved oldies.

I’ve done loads of reading across this category, whilst compiling the guides, and I’ve  enjoyed every second  and been surprised by the incredible diversity and quality of work available to those of you who like a little paranormal, magical, or terror in your lives.

Today finishes the series with the genre most closely associated with Halloween – HORROR…..


To read the guide in full screen either:

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I am giving away the full guide for free – click here to download or click here to view the full Halloween guide covering:

  • Paranormal Romance
  • Occult and Witchcraft
  • Vampires and Werewolves
  • Ghost Stories
  • The Classics
  • Horror Stories




Books for Halloween - Paranormal Romance

 From sexy vampires to gorgeous demigods this selection contains everything a paranormal romance fan could want. To see more information on the book, either  click the thumbnail image of the cover,  or refer to the guide.



Books for Halloween - Occult

 In a  serious world, we dream of possessing a little magic to help  smooth things along. But the witches and wizards in these books seem to stumble into trouble and create havoc with their magic. This collection holds books that stretch across the entire breadth of the genre – from light-hearted  all the way through to the darkest of prose.  Click on the thumbnail images below to see more details about the book or refer to the guide.





Books for Halloween - Vampires and Werewolves

 The world is ablaze right now with a seemingly never-ending passion for all things Vampire and Werewolf.  Click on the  thumbnail image below to see more details about the book. or refer to the guide.



Books for Halloween - Ghost Stories

An age-old favourite. Who doesn’t enjoy a spine chilling ghost story? This group will make you go to sleep with your lights on and extra barricading at the door. To see the book description click on any of the books thumbnail images below or refer to the guide.




Books for Halloween - The Classics

 All these novels have something in common – they broke new ground and helped spawn the whole genre of horror, ghost and paranormal stories that have fed our collective psyche for generations.  Click the thumbnails below for full details of the books or refer to the guide.



Books for Halloween - Horror Stories

 If you like terror, enjoy screaming and never want to sleep again, then these books are definitely right up your street. Click on any of the  thumbnails below to see more details about the book or refer to the guide above.


Well that completes the series – have a great Halloween and don’t let the spirits trick you.


Happy reading….

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