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20 Writing Tips This Week’s Most Popular Articles On Writing (Week 12)

20 Writing Tips: This Week’s Most Popular Articles On Writing (Week 12)

I’ve been a little bit housebound this week. News on the grapevine was that there would be demonstrations on the streets of Cairo and so I stockpiled food and stayed home – better safe than sorry right? This enforced office time really helped with my writing – shocker, sitting at the computer working really does translate to more words on the page, never saw that coming. Anyway I’ve been able to add to my food stockpile with a gaggle (what is the collective noun for blog posts?) of articles,  which is great because now I have time to do more actual writing – and being the world’s greatest procrastinator I need a clean desk to actually get down and produce.

It seems I’ve not been the only one with all guns blazing this week – we have a great collection of articles that traverse the entire writing and publishing industry. As always the articles included in this collection are those that created the biggest buzz amongst my nearly 7,000 strong social media network of writers . I’ve learnt a ton from these articles – so grab a drink of your choice, sit back and enjoy.

20 Writing Tips: This Week’s Most Popular Articles On Writing (Week 12)

So here are this week’s 20 most popular articles on writing:

1.    The Productivity Hacks I Used To Write A 93,000-Word Book In 6 Weeks – http://read.bi/1yq9KpK

2.    39 Things to Remember While Struggling to Build Your Writing Career @writerplatform – http://t.co/bwvOFlGx6Q

3.    Sonja Yoerg’s Top Five Writing Tips  – http://bit.ly/15sDhnG

4.    20 best articles on writing articles by @thecreativepenn @chrisrobley @DanKoboldt – http://bit.ly/1L40Inw

5.    How to Write A Plausible Character – http://bit.ly/15sOxQW

6.    Weaving Social Narratives Beyond the Page”  via @hackettkate  – http://bit.ly/1yGsZNB

7.    Opinion: The Real Rewards of Publishing a Book – http://bit.ly/1xSceb2

8.    Just found #authonomy and am loving the connections I have made there! Lots of authors who will help with #editing tips.

9.    13 Necessary Steps to Become a Successful Writer This Year – http://bit.ly/1yqhDeM

10. 15 powerful quotes from writers we lost last year – http://bit.ly/1BAZ3Sc

11. How To Grow Your Fiction Email List Subscribers. My Own Case Study – http://bit.ly/1AXKhDt

12. How to know when you’re done writing your novel – http://bit.ly/1BAZrjD

13. 20 of the best – check out this compilation this week’s articles on writing. Don’t miss it! –  http://bit.ly/1KYMCUd

14. 3 Ways for Writers to Move Past Negativity – http://bit.ly/1BMOX1Y

15. Big Publishing and Me (4): Buying ads & pouring asphalt – http://bit.ly/1zuE5Vs

16. Author, Jody Hedlund: How to Utilize Tension More Effectively –  http://bit.ly/1yGtyXq

17. 9 Indie Publishing Lessons We Learned in 2014 – Sterling & Stone via @johnnybtruant – http://bit.ly/186upoB

18. Amanda Hocking, the writer who made millions by self-publishing online | The Guardian – http://bit.ly/1BvLlRE

19. 10 page-to-screen successes – The Writer http://bit.ly/1Cv1vrz

20. 6 Things Your Website Should Tell Book Reviewers About You (and Your Book)- http://bit.ly/1CeOsMA

 20 of the best – check out a compilation of this week’s best articles on writing. Don’t miss it! http://ctt.ec/GHgJq+ #writing CLICK TO TWEET


So that’s the 20 most popular articles on writing for another week – be sure to come back next Monday to see what’s made it into the top 20. I’m always happy to include any articles (as long as they relate to writing, self-publishing or books, and are high quality) into my feed – I can’t guarantee they’ll make it into the top 20 that’s at my followers discretion. So drop me a note in the comments below if you have an article you’d like to submit.

If you enjoyed this listing check out last week’s 20 most popular articles on writing – here. 


This Week’s Most Popular Articles On Writing (Week 12)- Fiction UnboxedOn an aside note – I’ve just been reading the latest offering from the Johnny B Truant and Sean Platt partnership – Fiction Unboxed* , in which they detailed the journey they took writing a book in 30 days (from zero idea to publication) in front of an audience of more than a 1,000. It’s another great read and a real inspiration for the non-superhuman authors like myself. Wow can those boys produce word count  – they’re  machines.

Anyway the book’s great and well worth getting and if you haven’t yet started watching their Self-Publishing Podcast, then what are you doing with your nights? I watch an episode or two every night and have reached Episode 87 (filmed in Dec 2013)  so I still have another 52 or so to go until I’m up-to-date. I’ve learnt more watching these podcasts than everywhere else combined – so please check it out. You’ll thank me – I promise you (although be prepared for locker room language – just saying).

Bye for now.

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