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20 Writing Tips: This Week’s Most Popular Writing Articles

20 Writing Tips: This Week’s Most Popular Writing Articles

I’m sat in front of a blazing fire, eating yet more mince pies, sheltering from the white, glistening frost outside. Everything is covered in a white, twinkling, icy blanket and looks so pretty when seen from the viewpoint of a cosy, warm room. Christmas is over, presents unwrapped and there’s more of me than before. So in the lull between Christmas gorging and New Year debauchery I’ve analysed this week’s posts to find the most popular writing articles.

So take a break from eating, drinking and fielding family debates and enjoy this week’s greatest articles on writing, self-publishing and book-promotion.


20 Writing Tips: This Week’s Most Popular Writing Articles

Twitterverse’s and Google+’s  Favourite Articles


1.   How I Outline Plot (Using 6-Stage Plot Structure) via NOVA ZERO http://bit.ly/13q0xAA

2.   Aspiring Writers: 10 Things I Wish I Knew As a Novice Writer – Freelance Writer and Author William Ballard http://bit.ly/1zSPfSF

3.   Time Management for Creative Types – BookWhirl Blog http://bit.ly/1x9QCx2

4.   12 New Year’s Resolutions for the Purpose-Driven Author | Wise Ink’s  http://bit.ly/1za5mHq

5.   Creating Unforgettable Characters via Writer Unboxed  http://bit.ly/1DQKtJi

6.   The Secret to Setting Goals that Actually Get Done http://bit.ly/1x3D9ac

7.   21 Content Marketing Lessons from the New York Times – Jeffbullas’s Blog http://bit.ly/1sOi5x7

8.   What’s the Difference Between Your Story’s Theme and Its Message? http://bit.ly/16qlD3Z

9.   Writer Unboxed » Flog a Pro: would you turn this bestselling author’s first page? http://bit.ly/13EQFUU

10. The 30 Best Book Covers of 2014 http://bit.ly/13tmori

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11. More Than A Thousand Words: The Power of Visual Storytelling http://bit.ly/1wcFs3J

12. Writer Unboxed » How to Schedule Your Holiday Writing Schedule http://bit.ly/1wcxZ4B

13. Beware: The Shady Side of New Publishing Opportunities via Writer Unboxed http://bit.ly/1xCqgDH

14. 7 Strategies and 110 Tools to Help Indie Authors Find Readers and Reviewers http://bit.ly/1wczwrh

15. 5 Marketing Mistakes That Beginning Fiction Writers Make by Jason Kong — The Book Designer http://bit.ly/1Ax2mXO

16. Sneak Peak: The Self-Publisher’s Ultimate Resource Guide — The Book Designer http://bit.ly/1xr0q5f

17. How to Put Your Writing in Public : zen habits http://bit.ly/1wcGqgg

18. The Place Of Adjectives In Prose | Rewrite, Reword, Rework http://bit.ly/16H76kK

19.  Questions instead of resolutions? | Marcie Brock, Book Marketing Maven http://bit.ly/1za5Jla

20. 15 Branding Quotes That Will Inspire You to Take Your Brand to the Next Level http://bit.ly/16DNk9E

If you enjoyed this listing check out last week’s 20 most popular articles on writing – here. 


That’s it for this week – hope you enjoy the articles.

Have a great New Year and I truly hope it brings you health, prosperity and happiness – oh and writing success of course.



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