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20 Writing Tips: This Week’s Most Popular Writing Articles W7

20 Writing Tips: This Week’s Most Popular Writing Articles

Back in the UK for Christmas and yikes is it cold. It seems living overseas for so many years really thins the blood. It’s that time of year when writing and finding time to blog begin to feel like antisocial activities – when everyone is off work and wanting to party and I’m making excuses because I still have to find time to keep on top of my blog. And really who wants to write when a warm fire, friends, chocolate and mulled wine beckon from the other room? Advice to self – put on your headphones, play some jolly music and pound those keys quicker than you ever have – do the bare minimum and enjoy this festive time. Don’t feel guilty- just enjoy.

I wish you such a very merry Christmas and thank you for reading my blog over the last year – you certainly made my year and I hope you continue to visit a Novel Experience in  the new year. So kick back with an egg nog or glass of mulled wine and enjoy this weeks bonanza of most popular writing articles on  self-publishing and book promotion. Enjoy….


Twitterverse’s and Google+’s  Favourite Articles

1.    How K.M. Weiland’s Workbooks Might Just Save Your Writing Life – Kelsye Nelson http://bit.ly/1303qrC

2.   The most inspirational self-publishing success story ever http://bit.ly/1xdIPO9

3.   You Don’t Need To Plan A Book: Here’s What Works Better – Natasha Lester  http://bit.ly/1D4zmw3

4.   Top 10 Articles on Rights and Licensing of 2014 – Publishing Perspectives http://bit.ly/16qhyNm

5.   Self-Published Kindle Book Removed For Hyphen Misuse – GalleyCat http://bit.ly/1DJh3wD

6.   Five Digital Publishing Questions for Seth Godin | Digital Book World http://bit.ly/1BEDdy9

7.    Don’t Wait til Next Year … Set Book and Author Goals Now! | Author U http://bit.ly/1xbEkUk

8.   How to Write a Novel Using the Snowflake Method | eHow http://bit.ly/1IBKaSz

9.   The Secret to Writing a Protagonist Who’s Both Unique and Universal http://bit.ly/1xbxKxh

10. Friday Roundup: Book Marketing Tips for Indie Authors – Social Media Just for Writers http://bit.ly/1GkEpXb

Check out these great articles on #writing – 20 of the best as defined by your writing peers http://ctt.ec/1fVdf+ Click to Tweet

11. Is Kindle Unlimited Killing Self-Publishing? -Self Publishing Review http://t.co/1qGoNHPU6D

12. Author, Jody Hedlund: 6 Ways to Make Characters Stand Out in a Crowd http://bit.ly/1sybUND

13. 12 New Year’s Resolutions for the Purpose-Driven Author | Wise Ink’s Blog for Indie Authors  http://bit.ly/13vFldy

14. QUICK!! Huge sale today on courses for writers – saving upto $480 – check it out http://bit.ly/1w6mThv

15. How Publishers Can Create a Virtual Book Tour – GalleyCat http://bit.ly/1A0zerK

16. Treat Your eBook as Your Readers First Date > http://t.co/a9o4OOBRT0 < Self-Publishing Tips for Indie Authors

17. Three Secrets of Three-Dimensional Antagonists http://bit.ly/1z2pOh0

18. Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Successful #Author? – via @JaneFriedman http://t.co/fEKQudCKPy

19. Want a Powerful Theme for Your Novel? Play Devil’s Advocate! http://bit.ly/1Bs6065

20. The best articles on the web this week on #writing, #self-publishing and #bookpromotion – http://bit.ly/1xhydxK

If you enjoyed this listing check out last week’s 20 most popular articles on writing – here. 


That’s it for this week. Hope you get something useful out of the list and have the most fabulous Christmas.

Merry Christmas from Novel Experience


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