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20 Writing Tips Improve your writing and book selling skills (Wk21)

20 writing tips: Improve your writing and book selling skills (Wk21)

This week we have a great article on book formatting, another on the pros and cons of self-publishing versus traditional publishing and some great insights into various ways to improve your book selling skills, amongst many other fabulous articles.

Freedom to Write

I honestly feel as if I should be writing a post entitled ‘101 Places to Write’ after the week I’ve had –  where deadlines and other priorities have forced me to write all over the show including:

  • In the back of a car as I bounced across the desert fighting to see anything from the glare of bright sunshine on my screen.
  • On my knees in a kennel whilst keeping poorly Great Dane company  – lesson learnt dogs prefer attention to go to them not laptops. I now have a furry laptop!
  • In a field whilst organising a clean up of said field – here in Egypt you have to supervise or else it’s an all-day tea break.
  • On my lap in bed – I work much better deep into the night
  • On a sun-bed OK that was a lovely one but I had to contend with sun glare again.

It’s taught me a valuable lesson. A writer can write anywhere as long as they want to, or in my case a deadline forces them to.


Anyway enough about my trials let’s see what our writing brethren have served up for our consumption this week….

20 Writing Tips Improve your writing and book selling skills

20 Writing Tips: Improve your writing and book selling skills

1.    Traditional or self publishing? Numbers Point The Way. http://bit.ly/1OaOICd

2.    10 Steps to a Successful Book Launch  http://t.co/Px1FVGRSJm 

3.    10 top tips from a self-publishing survivor http://bit.ly/1Mp7fa0

4.    Top 20 articles on writing – top articles by @PublishersWkly @sterling_stone & @meseali http://bit.ly/1Bc4dRk

5.    How To Format A Perfect Novel: Part 1 via @GarrettAuthor http://bit.ly/1Cq82Xq

6.    How to Muffle Your Muse (And Actually Sell Some Books) – Sterling & Stone’s @seanplatt http://bit.ly/1C2gjkf

7.    8 Ways Writers Can Be More Reader-Friendly http://t.co/9uyr8L1t8I

8.    Research – Problems? http://bit.ly/1AVSFBv

9.    Query Lessons Learned the Hard Way http://bit.ly/18TfSg9 via @AshKrafton

10. How Authors Can Make Excellent Professional Relationships http://bit.ly/1CI5HZG via @eBooksIndiaMag


20 Writing Tips: Improve your writing and book selling skills -Twitter20 of the best – check out a compilation of this week’s best articles on writing. Don’t miss it! http://ctt.ec/gqUf4+ CLICK TO TWEET


11. 5 Steps to Successfully Write and Format eBooks for Amazon http://bit.ly/1Fq5klE

12. 10 Tools to Help You to Keep Writing| Write to Done http://bit.ly/1DDdYhf

13. Six Monstrous Ways To Turn A So-So Story Into A Great One http://bit.ly/1MU1OSH via @Yeomanis

14. The scariest moment is always just before you start – says Stephen King. I would add – the bravest is to keep on going

Stephen King Quote - Novel Experience

15. Unlocking the Narrator’s Point of View – Writer’s Edit http://bit.ly/1BiuWLT

16. A Survivor’s Guide to Writing http://bit.ly/1Gfp63J

17. Your Book’s Inciting Event: It’s Not What You Think It Is – via K.M. Weiland http://bit.ly/1BiBsCC

18. How I Increased My Email Conversion Rate By 300% Using Content Upgrades http://bit.ly/1ALkexf via @timsoulo

19. Podcast: Hot Book Sales Tips for Indie Authors – improve your book selling skills http://bit.ly/1aQAQxB

20. Why Do People Like Serial Killers in Fiction? via @sterling_stone http://bit.ly/1Bwvvpb

If you enjoyed this week’s articles then check out last week’s great selection – here.

Hey, I’d love for you to submit articles that I can share with my Novel Experience followers – drop me a line at contact@novelexperience.info and, as long as the articles are on topic, I’ll include them in next week’s feed and maybe you’ll hit the top 20.


Happy writing.


Bye for now.

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