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Top 20 Articles on the Business of Writing, Self-Publishing and Marketing - Week 30 - Novel Experience

20 Stunning Articles On The Art And Business Of Writing

This week we have a fine collection of articles on the art and business of writing, self-publishing and marketing. We have some great ideas for marketing your book and achieving higher sales figures and for those of you looking for a few writing techniques tips, well, we have those as well.

So as always sit back with a nice beverage of your choice and embrace the collective genius of our writing brethren…. enjoy!


Top 20 Articles on the Business of Writing, Self-Publishing & Marketing - Week 30B - Novel Experience

20 Most Popular Writing, Self Publishing  And Marketing Articles  – Week 30

1. How Do I Get Local Bookstores to Carry My Books? by @nblackburn01 – http://bit.ly/1ApUbBr

2. Writing Science Fiction Plots | Now Novel – http://bit.ly/1FR87Xu

3. What’s Your Book Marketing Plan? 6 Crucial Steps to Include – http://bit.ly/1F6Eqeh

4. Plotting to Save Writing Time – Books & Such Literary Management – http://bit.ly/1Bm4rWt

5. Email Marketing For Authors and Writers — The Book Designer –  http://bit.ly/1F6FeQo

6. 3 Reasons You Should Take a Break From Your Writing – http://bit.ly/1F6DiXX

7. Learn the Three Act Structure – http://bit.ly/1FaJ38a

8. 9 Secrets to Selling More Books | Small Business PR –  http://bit.ly/1FR56pY

9. How Storytellers Find Untapped Markets in Familiar Settings – http://bit.ly/1ApTRCL

10. Writability: How to Turn an Idea into a Plot – http://bit.ly/1Au6fBn


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11. Anne R. Allen’s Blog: 10 Tips for Choosing the Right Book Title in the E-Age – http://bit.ly/1ApPtnq

Audrey_Hepburn_Introvert via NovelExperience.info

12. Audrey Hepburn used her introversion to her benefit so can you…Networking for  introverts – http://bit.ly/1Kx7ROj

13. Why Seth Godin self published –  http://bit.ly/1Kucusw

14. Ever wondered what this writing lark is all about – these amazing articles shed some light – http://bit.ly/1GArEKp

15. Marketing Your Business Book – http://bit.ly/1Bl99DQ

16. Pros And Cons Of Being An Indie Author – http://bit.ly/1IZ3ppz

17. If You Don’t Fix This Mistake in Your Story’s Climax, You’ll Hate Yourself Later – http://bit.ly/1At9WHF

18. Now Is The Worst Time To Be An Author? | Self-Publishing Advice for Writers – http://bit.ly/1Au4LqZ

19. How to Secure a Traditional Book Deal By Self-Publishing  – http://bit.ly/1Bm0xNk

20. 6 Writing Techniques I Learned at Storymasters – http://bit.ly/1Bm2Y2e


Well that’s this week’s top 20 from Novel Experience  – if you enjoyed all these amazing articles on writing you’ll enjoy last week’s too – check them out here or check out the whole back catalogue here

If you’d like me to submit one of your articles, or if you’ve read a great article and would like to share it with my other readers, drop me a line  at info@novelexperience.info and, as long as it’s relevant, I’ll send it out and who knows maybe you’ll be included in next week’s top 20. Or, alternatively,  you could  just share it in the comments below.

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