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This Week’s 20 Most Popular Articles On Writing, Self-Publishing and Book Promotion (Week 17)

This Week’s 20 Most Popular Articles On Writing, Self-Publishing and Book Promotion (Week 17)

I always struggle with deciding what topic to cover in this preamble – there are only so many ways you can say “here is this week’s top 20 articles on writing”. I guess I could use the same intro every time but that would be boring for both of us. So in this week’s preamble I will share the tools I use to create the article every week. A lot of the services are free and I figure a shout-out is the least I can do for the suppliers and I even think that you might find them useful for your own blog.

  1. Finding the winner: Every Monday morning my first task of the day, as I sit down with my coffee, is counting the social media responses to the articles I posted the previous week. I do this on my iPhone using the BufferApp  which is quicker than using the desktop version (which I normally use for all my Buffer activities).
  2. Adding to blog: Once I’ve calculated the top 20, I cut and paste the articles into my WordPress site. I check each and every link and ensure they open new windows when clicked.
  3. Encouraging tweets: I use a great service called ClickToTweet to create the call-outs I want people to Tweet.
  4. Creating visuals: Then I grab an image (this week’s was free from  stokpic.com) open it in Pixlr Editor to overlay the faded text and the quill. Pixlr Editor is a free image editing and creation software. I then use Picmonkey (also free) to add the black overlays and the text as they have some lovely effects and cool typefaces.
  5. Social sharing: Then I ensure that the Shareaholic social media share buttons are working correctly.
  6. Proofing: Finally I edit the text in HemingwayApp and then publish.

So there you are – some fabulous, free resources you can use in your blog or website.


Top 20 Articles on Writing, Self-Publishing & Book Promotion


This Week’s 20 Most Popular Articles On Writing, Self-Publishing and Book Promotion (Week 17)

So as always grab a drink – sit back and enjoy the efforts of some 20 odd writers who’ve poured their hearts into creating some great advice on writing, self-publishing and marketing of books. Don’t forget if you’d like your article to be included in my social media feed, to have a chance to be  up-voted by 7,000+ of your writing brethren, then add a link in the comments below and, as long as they are on topic, I’ll submit them.

1.   Everyone can write FAST if they take the right steps  http://bit.ly/1vNSQSD

2.   The Impact of Free Promos  http://bit.ly/1AhrDD7

3.   The Top 8 Self-Publishing Myths  http://t.co/6V7q5695N3

4.   Top 20 Most Popular Articles on writing, self-pub & book promo  (Wk 16)  http://bit.ly/1DKAkxb

5.   How to Become a Writer as a Second Career  http://bit.ly/1AsG36U

6.   On Writing Well http://bit.ly/17DylwB

7.   Social Media for Authors Podcast: Improve Your Marketing Results http://bit.ly/1MYKiOd

8.   Why it’s wrong to kill off characters needlessly http://bit.ly/1JV6zNR

9.   How I improved my writing productivity by 100% + FREE word count calculator http://bit.ly/1E6GKqB

10. This is the Most Important Goal (ever) for Writers! http://bit.ly/17tsqds



Twitter 20 great articles to help guide your #writing & self-publishing ambitions http://ctt.ec/67hcx+ CLICK TO TWEET


11. 7 Barriers to Writing You Can Leap Over Today http://bit.ly/1Agl4W4

12. Lost Sherlock Holmes story discovered in man’s attic  http://bit.ly/1CVXb5P

13. DIY Book Marketing – Editorial Calendars | judith gaines http://bit.ly/1voh3ib

14. The Bulletproof Guide to Free Writing (And 10 Tips for Getting Started) http://bit.ly/1B7YP5e

15. #FF @RSPPodcast – Because Simon hosts a fabulous podcast that helps all indie writers & self-publishers http://bit.ly/1AhoBi5

16. To Be or Not To Be: In Defense of the Passive Voice  http://bit.ly/1E49Y9s

17. A Step-by-Step Guide to Dealing with Content Theft  http://bit.ly/1E4cTyZ

18. Writing Through the Chaos  http://bit.ly/1LRO22s

19. Always Always Language List, when should U look for creative language & when should U write it down http://t.co/5G779ajQeD

20. Writing Fiction: Series Magic (and Profits)  http://bit.ly/19MHMeL


And finally one that didn’t make it into the list but that I consider fabulous and more than worthy is:

  • Your Brand Needs a Visual Style Guide: Here’s How to Create One  – check it out here

I’ve included this because your author identity is your brand and you should treat it with respect and use it in a considered way – I have created tens of these identity manuals for various clients and they really help you maintain standards and a healthy brand that reflects you properly. Many authors totally ignore this element of their business and so I thought a gentle nudge with this insightful article might help some of you think about creating and maintaining your brand.

If you liked this article check out last week’s 20 top articles.

Bye for now…

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  1. sarika says:

    Sometimes when I’m working on an article (especially if it’s over 500 words), I restate the same point several times. Or worse, when I use bullet points, I’m prone to repeating the same structure for each point. In my experience, Hemingway doesn’t alert me of this. any other writers have this issue, INK sentences that are too much alike.

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