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20 Articles on Writing Marketing and Self-Publishing - Week 33-Novel Experience

20 Breathtaking Articles on Writing and Self-Publishing a Book


I’m preparing to fly back to my homeland today after nearly 6 months in Egypt – I think that’s my longest stay away from the UK ever, other than my time in Bolivia. It’s funny the things you miss from the land of your birth when you live abroad. It’s not really the tangible things (although my cravings for a good old cup of English tea and Marmite on toast have reached epic levels), it’s more the sense of belonging and complete understanding of the culture. I’ve lived in Egypt since 1998, so a fair few years now, I can speak a basic level of Arabic and I love the culture yet I never truly understand the culture and I will never be so completely at ease as I am in my own country.

Anyhow due to my last-minute ninny nature I still have loads to do which  means this post will be short and sweet. So jump straight into the amazing collection of articles on writing and self-publishing a book, offered by the writing community this week as selected by your writing brothers-in-arms.

20 Articles on Writing Marketing and Self-Publishing Banner- Week 33-Novel Experience

20 Most Popular Writing, Self Publishing  And Marketing Articles  – Week 33

1. Freya North’s Top 5 Writing Tips – http://bit.ly/1ekA2D2

2. You’re A Bestselling Author? Prove It! – http://bit.ly/1J2cQXd

3. Do you know when to use & em dash & when to use a colon? Learn how. | Grammarly Blog –  http://bit.ly/1JS0LnE

4. Medieval Stasis: Why is Fantasy Trapped in the Past – Author J.S. Morin – http://bit.ly/1FkL7ZX


5. The 20-Something Introvert  – Inward-Facing Writers  – http://bit.ly/1C3htZk

6. 6 Books Every Writer Should Have On Their Bookshelf | The #FeedArt Network  – http://bit.ly/1Hstr4Q

7. A dream ending for one writer – It’s Official… I Did It! – http://bit.ly/1MEtUkq via @SueColetta1

8. Writing a top selling novel in just one month-  http://bit.ly/1JOsSN  – @Kelownawriter

9. Want to Succeed in Self-Publishing? Don’t Do Everything Yourself: Tips from an Indie Author –  http://bit.ly/1dIiznp

Block out distractions

10. How to Block Out Distractions and Focus on Your Work http://bit.ly/1GKUSGd


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11.  If you’ve yet to get pops a gift – check out my Ultimate Gift Guide For Writer Dads –  http://bit.ly/1fmbGJB

12. How Story Structure Relates To Our Lives –  http://bit.ly/1JGr5Q3 via @SueColetta1

13. Are You an Introvert or an Extrovert Writer? – The Write Practice – http://bit.ly/1KSSMnd

14. Tips on How to Write True Crime by @scooterismine – http://bit.ly/1F6dw5Z

15. Everything You Need to Know About Gender-Neutral Pronouns | Grammarly Blog – http://bit.ly/1R4R3gx

How ACX Earnings work

16. How ACX Earnings Work | Author Marketing Institute – http://bit.ly/1SkP8XC

17.Getting Inside Your Characters – http://bit.ly/1J2bjR0

18. Why your novel needs professional editing – BookBaby blog –  http://bit.ly/1G0lCyI

19. 38 creative gift ideas for book lovers and writers http://bit.ly/1FZ7BAl

20. 20 instructive articles on the art of writing –  http://bit.ly/1JUfAV9  “some real must sees”



Well that’s this week’s top 20 from Novel Experience  – if you enjoyed all this amazing advice on writing you’ll enjoy last week’s too – check it out here or check out the whole back catalogue here

If you’d like me to submit one of your articles, or if you’ve read a great article and would like to share it with my other readers, drop me a line  at info@novelexperience.info and, as long as it’s relevant, I’ll send it out and who knows maybe you’ll be included in next week’s top 20. Or, alternatively,  you could  just share it in the comments below.

Bye for now…

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