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20 Articles on Writing, Self-Publishing and Marketing Books - Novel Experience

20 Amazing Articles on Writing You Don’t Want to Miss


I’ve been procrastinating a lot again recently so I had to go back and re-read my own article on writing productivity and guess what – my own advice worked! So I’m back to attacking the keyboards with vigour – much as the rest of the writing community has been judging by this week’s bunch of amazing articles on writing (is there a collective noun for a group of articles I wonder- ideas anyone?).  This week we cover a really diverse range of subjects from – productivity and time management to writing convincingly about your character’s emotional wounds.

So as always sit back and let the collective genius of our writing brethren ooze into you…. enjoy!

20 Articles on Writing, Self-Publishing and Marketing Books - Novel Experience


20 Most Popular Writing, Self Publishing  And Marketing Articles  – Week 29

1. How To Uncover Your Character’s Emotional Wound http://bit.ly/1FuwyJX via @AngelaAckerman

2. How to sky rocket your writing productivity in simple steps  http://bit.ly/1ILh1q2

Sky rocket your writing productivity - Novel Experience

3. The ‘Great Gatsby’ author’s surprisingly blunt advice to would-be writers- http://theatln.tc/1c1p2sf

4. Writing With Every Sense But What You See –  http://bit.ly/1H1rXdf

5. 43 must-visit sci-fi websites for writers – http://bit.ly/1dg1WzC via @nownovel

6. Ray Bradbury on Writing Persistently – http://bit.ly/1B8DsgU via @cateartios

7. Best of the week – 20 Motivational Articles on Self Publishing, Writing & Marketing – http://bit.ly/1dk111g

8. How to Use MailChimp to Grow Your Brand – by Regina – http://bit.ly/1AaMC1l

9. How to Create Perfect Graphics for Your eBook – http://abt.cm/1IFjwbG

10. The Guide To Social Media Time Management – http://bit.ly/1Kgq4PY by @MelonieDodaro

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11. Go Teen Writers: Editing in Layers: Seven Things to Search For In Your Manuscript –  http://bit.ly/1BcHtAM

12. Writer Wednesday: 73 Ways To Become A Better Writer –  http://huff.to/1FBTEyz

13. Top 7 Writing Tips For Great Characterisation – http://bit.ly/1Abu7Ki

14. 31 Top British Authors to Follow on Facebook – http://bit.ly/1dg2ENq via @eBooksIndiaMag

15. Using Twitter to Gain Exposure as a Writer – http://bit.ly/1JUAth1 via @AngelaAckerman

16. Turning Notes into a Novel @nownovel –  http://bit.ly/1Ec6XhS

17. How to Write Evil, Awesome Villains – Rebecca Harrison  – http://bit.ly/1AaMe2D

18. How To Use Calibre To Correctly Order Your Ebook Series –  http://bit.ly/1FvpzhX

19. Incorporating Setting to Bring Your Story to Life | Guest Post by Vanessa Carnevale – http://bit.ly/1IIhOYA via Faye Kirwin

20. Reader Report Sample – http://bit.ly/1S2Nxqq via Jeri Walker



Well that’s this week’s top 20 from Novel Experience  – if you enjoyed all these amazing articles on writing you’ll enjoy last week’s too – check them out here.

If you’d like me to submit one of your articles, or if you’ve read a great article and would like to share it with my other readers, drop me a line  at info@novelexperience.info and, as long as it’s relevant, I’ll send it out and who knows maybe you’ll be included in next week’s top 20. Or, alternatively,  you could  just share it in the comments below.

Bye for now…

Hazel Longuet - Novel Experience


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