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Gifts for bookworms and writers

13 Gift Ideas for Bookworms and Writers

Update: I originally wrote this article for Father’s Day but it works all year round for those tricky bookworms and writers in your life.






Gifts for bookworms and writersWhen I think of my father a treasure trove of memories overwhelm me – the smell of autumnal fires, freshly turned soil and the warm feeling of safety and security. So I look forward to celebrating Father’s Day every year except for one thing – the dreaded present selection.

Is it just me or is buying for fathers the most difficult thing ever? Socks and cheap colognes won’t do – I want something that he will love and that reflects his interests and that’s not an easy ask.

Anyway I’ve come across loads of things in my search and thought some of them might help others stuck in my annual conundrum of what to get dad! So here are 13 of the best gift ideas for bookworms and writers:

Father's Day Gifts for Bookworms and Writers

1. Desk Organiser – let’s face it everyone needs a little help with organising – see more

2. Laptop sleeve with typewriter design – see more

3. Fabulous book embosser that can be personalised for the book worm in your life – see more

Father's Day Gifts for Writers and Bookworms

4. Mock sink for paperclip storage – see more

5. Alessi beaver pencil sharpener – see more

6. Mobile Phone holder  – see more

Father's Day Gifts for Writers and Bookworms

7. Mini filing cabinet for storing business cards – see more

8. Environmentally friendly keyboard and mouse – see more

9. Great first lines from literature mug to give the weary writer some classic inspiration as well as a well needed caffeine shot – see more

Father's Day Gifts for Writers and Bookworms

10. Great gift idea for a writer – they can write their book by hand and the pen will automatically convert their written word into text on the computer. The pen can store up to 100 pages of text  – see more

11. White hand book ends – see more

12. Reading Journal- see more

Father's Day Gifts for Writers and Bookworms

13. Alessi bird magnetic paper clip holder – see more

Oh and the white hand pencil holder shown on the top image is available here

You can order these items as a last minute present from Amazon and have them delivered on time. For more gift ideas visit my pinboard here

In the interest of being open I am an affiliate on Amazon so will earn a tiny commission from any sale. As I am not working whilst I write my book I use any earnings to support my website and book development. It doesn’t cost you any more it just means Amazon gets less which appeases my conscience.

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