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Halloween Books - Paranormal Romance

12 Books for Halloween: Free Paranormal Romance Guide

Phew…. I’ve pulled it off. For the last month I’ve been viewing, reading and selecting books across the paranormal, occult, horror, ghost and mystic genre’s to create a Halloween book guide  for you. At times I wanted to throw my computer across the room as I compiled the guides but now they’re ready and I love them. If you are a  Halloween junkie check them out – there’s something for everyone here


Books for Halloween - Paranormal Romance

 Paranormal Romance Book Guide – 12 of the Best

To read the guides more easily either:

  • Download a PDF version here or
  • Watch the presentation in full screen by clicking  the arrow square symbol in the bottom right hand of the presentation frame.

Check out this free, beautifully presented, guide to 12 of the best paranormal romance books for Halloween http://ctt.ec/0380d+ – Click to Tweet

If you enjoyed the guide and would like to see the others here’s the schedule:

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Musings on Halloween

I have to admit I have a strange fascination with Halloween – I guess I’m oddly ambivalent, both superstitiously nervous and yet loving  some of the book genres related to it.  When I first thought of creating these guides I was thinking about paranormal romance, witches and ghost stories (which I enjoy) then I realised I would also have to include horror (which I don’t enjoy at all) – they are all books within the category “Books for Halloween”. Guess which section made me want to throw my computer out the window?

Halloween is a strange thing – an oddly American phenomena that has slowly crept around the world. When I was a child, growing up in England, we knew what Halloween was,  but we didn’t do anything to celebrate it except watch the same old horror films that our 4 TV channels (oh the joys of the 80’s) pulled off the shelf each year. Now it’s a big deal – last year I was in the UK over Halloween and my poor sister was worn ragged creating costumes for her 4 kids, organising treats and decorating the house. It felt odd to me, having lived overseas for 16 years – my view of the UK stopped in the mid 90’s, but it seems (despite my absence) things have moved on.

Egypt, where I now live, doesn’t celebrate Halloween at all. The other day I was trying to explain the concept to someone here in my pidgin Arabic  – pretty certain he now thinks the UK have a party with ghosts and zombies invited – he certainly stepped away from me as if he was worried my madness may pollute him. I’m not hopeful that Halloween will catch on  here any-time soon. But it is a good excuse to dive into this genre and enjoy a little paranormal loving…. I must admit its my guilty pleasure.

What are your favourite books for Halloween? Did I open your eyes to any new ones? I’d love your feedback, so drop me your thoughts in the comments section below.

If you love a little paranormal romance then you’ll love this free guide to 12 of the best in the genre http://ctt.ec/548Zs+ Check it out – Click to Tweet

And Finally – Halloween Marketing Concept

Last Halloween I saw a great marketing promotion done by some authors who write paranormal books and it  inspired me so I wrote a post on it – check it out here. I admit I become ridiculously excited by new approaches to marketing (goes back to my consulting days) and combine that with people helping each other – what could be better?

Check out the other parts of the series here:


Happy reading…..


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