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Books for Halloween: Occult Genre

12 Books for Halloween: Free Guide to Occult Novels

All this week I am sharing books for Halloween. I had fun selecting this group of novels about witches, wizards and the occult. I didn’t include any of the Harry Potter series as they stand on their own feet, and certainly don’t need me promoting them, but I think I’ve selected a great and diverse collection of novels – there’s something for everyone. I certainly had fun reading them and I hope you will too. Check them out.

To read the guides more easily either:

  • Download a PDF version here or
  • Watch the presentation in full screen by clicking  the arrow square symbol in the bottom right hand of the presentation frame.

Hubble, bubble, boil & trouble – 12 of the best novels ever written about witches, wizards & occult – check them out http://ctt.ec/9K8cl+ – Click to tweet

Check out the other parts of the series here:

I hope I’ve introduced you to some new reading ideas and if you have any for me please let me know in the comments section below.


Happy reading….

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